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Syllabus: Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy (ABET)

The full training consists of a total of four levels (120 hrs) and at least 30 hours of clinical practice and observation.

Includes a short history of Dr Than Van Le and myself, information on why and how to study, what to study, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

A B E T Techniques
How-to-do the diagnostic Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, Tibetan Breathing, Magnet therapy, Piezo therapy,
Meridian Therapy (=acupuncture without needles), Dr Le’s Craneo-Sacral Release Technique and Friction Test.

Acu-points & Meridians: How is the energy-flow in the body and how can it be influenced to achieve a reliable therapeutic result? Knowledge of what Acupuncture Points are, how they are arranged on the body, and how the energy flows within the body is the key to becoming an effective practitioner.
There are some 400 hundred acupoints spread over fourteen meridians. We will discuss about 60 acupoints that are significant to the Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy. Methods of locating these points are detailed and practiced. Some special characteristics and functions of individual points are also studied.

Oriental Philosophies: The study of the very concept of life itself forms the basis of this oriental healing technique. An understanding of these principles and their intricate inter-relationships is necessary for students to comprehend the A B E T methodologies of diagnosis and treatment.

Awareness: Students will learn a great deal about themselves, which is not always easy, but this maturing self-understanding will be woven back into their ABET practice as increased skill and connection with the patient. This adaptation of ancient wisdom to modern-day practice is exciting and inspirational even to those already experienced in working with people.

Chinese Pathology: The study of diseased states of the body. This involves the recognition of specific patterns of disease which the patient displays and which may result from specific causes.
These causes may be of internal origin, external origin or due to constitutional weaknesses, trauma,
over-usage, abnormal usage or wrong treatments. When these patterns are recognised, the cause is more easily identified and rectified.

Anatomy: We study the basic structure of the body in oriental medicine which is quite different from the western view. It is important to understand the major TCM structural systems of the body and their relationships to each other.

Acupoint Selection: The result of all the above knowledge is what ABET is all about. Your knowledge of TCM anatomy, oriental pathology and physiology, will enable you to choose certain points which will cause a beneficial change in the patient’s energy levels.

Moxibustion introduction and practice: Moxibustion treats and prevents body imbalances (diseases) by applying comfortable heat to acupoints or certain locations of the body by means of herbal rolls or sticks made of a herb called Artemisia (moxa).

Clinical Practice: The study of the diagnosis and treatment of the commonly encountered health disorders.
For each condition the most suitable method of point selection will be chosen and the most effective treatment formula will be given. Methods of application and specific preferential techniques to be used first will be discussed. Full training requires at least 30 hours of clinical practice or observation.

Duration: This training is given during 7 to 9 weeks, which includes a period for clinical observation and practice of at least 30 hours.

Tuition fees: Group tuition fees for this intensive training are payable in advance. 
They amount to 87,000 THB (about 1800 EU/ 2600 US$).
These fees include the following treatment-aids :
- one free piezo (value 2,500 THB),
- one packet of 24 magnets (value 400 THB),
- one bottle of Moxa-6 MT Tincture (value 350 Bht),
- one packet of Ground Moxa (value 390 Bht)
- one box of 10 Moxa sticks (value 500 Bht).
Transport and lunch during the clinical practice days.

The ABET training also includes watching some of Dr Le’s recorded VDO teachings because that information is complementary to our intensive training. These VDO’s are for sale (only to graduate students) on DVD’s at 7,000 THB per set (about 145 Euro / 200 US$ per set).

Contact us for more information or to check for class availability.