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Have a look at our organic health supplements




Food Supplements T-Herbals : have a look at our organic health supplments :

Aromatherapy : want to know more about it?
Looking for natural alternative health products?
This is the place to visit :

The Pyramid Compost System which we use to make our organic compost in two months, is a new technique developed in 2009 by Professor Teerapong Sawangpanyanggool at Maejo University in Chiangmai. In 2010, Khun Amporn joined this training and since then, she has made over 150 compost heaps... This means that 150 x 3 = 450 truckloads of leaves and other garden refuse were NOT BURNED and provided 150 tons of fabulous compost! Khun Amporn donates most of this compost free to chemical farmers to motivate them to become "organic". They can truly see the difference at harvest time.

Come for a Reiki Energy Massage in Chiangmai Thailand
and be well...

New Life Foundation, under the Patronage of H.R.H. The Princess Mother ~ Since its establishment in 1964, the objectives of this foundation are to assist and help rehabilitate patients who have recovered from Leprosy and from Mental Disorders. The foundation helps them to learn how to lead a normal life and happily find jobs that make them stand on their own feet.
For over 44 years, this non-religious organisation has been taking care of some 4600 underprivileged Thais with a physical or mental handicap by setting up special villages for them including 2 Senior Homes which can accommodate 60 persons each as well as kindergartens and a scholarship fund.

Reiki, Asian Bio-Energetics, Foot reflexology and Japanese Shiatsu massage in English and French

Nous proposons sur Chiangmai, dans le nord montagneux de la Thaïlande, des séances de Reiki, de Bio-Energie d’Asie, de Réflexologie plantaire et de Massage Japonais Shiatsu.

Reiki information : Many papers and articles about REIKI are available at

What to do in Chiangmai : Go to this website and select Chiang Mai for activities of interest in and around Chiangmai from the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand)

Organic farm, sustainable living learning and seed center located close to Chiangmai.
PunPun = thousand varieties

For Natural Building Workshops, contact [email protected]


Growing your food the Permaculture way (with integrated sustainability)
Go and visit the Permaculture site in Maetaeng (every Tuesday is open house).

This organisation also offers regular Permaculture Design Courses.

Website :

Foundation to encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons

133/1 Rajapakinai Road, tel 053-213941 (across from Wat Baan Ping) :
It strives to increase the public awareness and acceptance of handicapped people within Thailand society. It sponsors the training of disabled persons to become self sufficient through computer training, and by providing its members with tailor made wheelchairs. We offer free treatments to any donor who gives 1000 Baht (25 US$/Euro) or more to this organization. See
for an unforgettable visit to Sri Lanka, contact Sanjay and Christine Salmon ~ Shamanic Practices and Initiations lead by born clairvoyant and psychic healer, Diana Manilova. Chiang Mai is blessed to have such a gifted spiritual teacher in Thailand's 2nd largest city. It's worth the trip just for the opportunity to have a once-in-a-life-time experience meeting this lovely lady.

Care for Dog Foundation : Website
Based in Chiang Mai, we organize spaying (sterilizations) and medical care and vaccinate and feed sick dogs and cats roaming through the streets or dumped at temples. Our last step being to find nurturing homes for them.

Tai Chi in Yangshuo, China
If you want to study Tai Chi in China, might as well go and study with the best teachers who are serious about transmitting this wonderful knowledge. I am pleased to recommend Wu Heng Dong (Kim) who is a wonderful and wise teacher. You can contact him directly at [email protected]

Soroptimist International, an NGO which is committed to:
b* service to local , national and international communities
b* active participation in decision-making.
Website : ~ Jiaogulan (French site)

The Nugent Waterside
An attractive lakeside resort located at 3km from the Asian Healing Arts Center. 
Comfortable guestrooms are available at reasonable prices.
Lakeside wooden houses are for rent and for investment.
Ideal for holistic activities, weddings and meetings in a quiet setting.
Regular residential CELTA English teacher training courses are held.

a développé dans le nord de la Thaïlande une gamme unique de produits 100% naturels, à base de plantes soigneusement sélectionnées. Les clés de notre réussite et motivation : nous privilégions la qualité, la collaboration étroite avec les locaux. Nos produits sont garantis sans produit chimique, pesticide, sucre, colorant. Nos bénéfices supportent des activités caritatives en Thaïlande.

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