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Welcome to Chiangmai, Thailand

We are a charity organisation based in Chiangmai ( Northern Thailand) where we practice and teach Asian Bio-Energetics (ABET) and Reiki in local hospitals, rehab centers, senior homes, dog shelters and a cancer hostel.

Every year, we give to underprivileged Thai patients more than 1100 free treatments and about 40 free Reiki trainings to these patients and their nurses at hospitals and a cancer hostel in Chiangmai to enable them to take care of themselves.

At Asian Healing Arts Center we use a combination of several oriental holistic healing techniques which are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnoses and no drugs for treatment.

These tried and proven techniques are as much ART as Science. They restore your natural energy fields and healing powers. The combined sessions of ABET and Reiki generate a deep relaxation which result in deep healing and have a positive effect on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

On our 12,800 m2 of land, we grow organically the following herbs
- Jiaogulan tea : a wonderful herbal tonic and great anti-oxidant
- Mulberry teas : a refreshing, green, natural infusion to help
diabetes, cholesterol, colds, coughs, swelling and eyepains, headaches,
- Artemisia Argiye : the moxa herb used against pain and other energy blockages,
- Artemisia Annua : a.o. against malaria as recognised by the WHO,
- Longans : to calm the mind and the heart, and support the Heart and Spleen functions
- Stevia : that great sweetening herb.
We make our own tinctures of all these wonderful herbs and essential oils of some of them.

I have been living in South-East Asia since 1975.
I discovered these great healing techniques over
18 years ago in Thailand where I have been residing for more than 28 years.
Even today, the wonderful results of these Energy Therapies still fill me with awe, wonder and gratitude.
I truly appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to practice and teach these great Asian Healing Arts.

Come for a visit and be well,
Cory Croymans-Plaghki
[email protected]

ABET and Reiki Practitioner (1993) & Teacher (1998), Cranio Sacral Therapist (2008)