Jiaogulan Tea

Look at this healthy and strong Five Leaf Jiaogulan… 

Taste the natural sweetness of this wonderful tea which is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the Highlands of Chiangmai, Thailand. It is carefully nurtured and protected from the harsh sunlight.  

Packaging of Herbal Jiaogulan

1. Jiaogulan sachets for your travelling convenience. Packaged in heavy-gauge lined foil.

Preparation: Simply pour boiling water on it… Jiaogulan tea sachets can be kept in your cup because this tonifying tea will not become bitter like other teas often do. Your Jiaogulan tea will become better… If it is getting too strong, you simply poor more boiling water on it.

Specially packed to save its delicate freshness in alufoil packs of 5 sachets each. Just keep an alufoil in your pocket wherever you go…

Box of 20gr Pricing for 1 or more contact us.

This health promoting Five Leaf Jiaogulan herb, better known as Immortality Tea by the Chinese, tastes naturally so sweet when we cut and dry it that no sugar needs to be added. It is a great anti-oxidant which has been vastly researched in China, the USA, Japan and Thailand. 

Jiaogulan Vine

Jiaogulan is a powerful Adaptogen which helps your body to regulate itself and to boost its energy levels. It is rumored to be the natural replacement for Ginseng because of its easy availability and thereby its very reasonable pricing.

Jiaogulan Vine: Harvesting By-Hand

Japanese researchers discovered that the chemical components (Saponins) that make Ginseng effective are also present in Jiaogulan. While the most popular Ginseng has 28 Saponins, the most common Jiaogulan has 82 ! Studies on Ginseng, however, warn against high doses by children, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure. These issues do not exist with Jiaogulan because of its adaptogenic effects.

2. Jiaogulan Loose tea: Clear cellophane square packs…contact us.

3. Jiaogulan Loose Tea (bulk packs of Leaves and Stems) 500gr, 1kg

  • Cut Tea, Ground Tea, Powdered Tea. Free shipping for 10+ kilos.

As we are not growing this wonderful herb anymore, please contact

Leticia Medina Smithapindhu

at Five Leaf Co Ltd in Chiangmai, Thailand

Hospitals, doctors and traditional healers in China, Japan and Thailand prescribe Jiaogulan to :

To regulate cholesterol : Jiaogulan lowers LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff), and raises HDL cholesterol (the good stuff). More than 20 papers have been published  with effectiveness ranging from 67 to 93%. It also inhibits platelet aggregation, which lessens chance of a stroke or heart attack.

To regulate blood pressure .

To reduce blood sugar : 46 patients with Diabetes Mellitus showed an improvement of 89% in their condition. 

To protect the Liver and stimulate liver functions : 100 patients were given Jiaogulan for 3 months. Effectiveness was rated at 89%. Another study of 200 patients yielded similar results. 

To strengthen the immune system :  Jiaogulan increases the production of white blood cells in white cell deficient patients like those who have recently undergone chemotherapy or radiation. The white blood cells destroy bacteria and thereby contribute to our defence system.

To increase stamina and endurance and prevent heart attack and stroke : Jiaogulan increases cardiac function. In a study combined with other herbs, heart stroke volume increased 37% and cardiac output increased by 21% on average.  Ejection fraction increased by 13%.  

For its sedative effects : 112 cases of insomnia reported a sleep improvement of 89 to 95%

For chronic Bronchitis :  A study of 86 cases of chronic bronchitis had an effectiveness rate of 93%. Another study of 96 cases had a 92% effectiveness rate.

As a Cancer inhibitor

To improve circulation

 To strengthen the nervous system
To relax spasms

Finally: No toxic effects have been noted at any doses.   Jiaogulan will not over-stimulate like Ginseng.


Jiaogulan “China’s Immortality Herb”by Michael Blumert 2005 Michael Blumert and Dr. Jioliu Liu (China’s famous Jiaogulan expert) summarised the research of Jiaogulan and its components. This book is available at amazon.com. It analyses over 10 years of study at leading universities and institutes in China, Japan and the United States.

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