The FlexBeam is a portable Photobiomodulation (PBM) device that emits non-coherent Red and Near Infrared (NIR) light via its LEDs.

FlexBeam is a wellness device. US FDA class II, MD class IIa are pending and subject to a submission.

FlexBeam dimensions are 35cm x 13.5cm x 4cm.

The 3 light modules plus one battery module are connected by a flexible silicon material allowing the device to be wrapped around a limb or joint.     In addition, it can be used flat on the body secured by the provided straps where necessary. This enables treatment on any area of the body and, in the case of wrapping around a limb, treatment from multiple angles at the same time.

This wonderful PBM LIGHT device comprises 6 Near infrared (NIR) LEDs at 815nm ± 15nm (3 modules, 2 LEDs/module) and 3 red LEDs at 625-635nm (3 modules, 1 LED/module). The LED’s are high quality with a 90-245V AC input power supply with 15V, 2.4A output.

Peak wavelength 630 nm in red and 815 nm in near infrared. When in contact, it irradiates 40 cm2 of skin per module, a total of 120 cm2. The key technical parameters of FlexBeam were calculated with a consideration of fluency, dose of energy and bi-phasic dose response.

When in skin contact the FlexBeam has a maximum power output of 100mW/cm2 in the NIR LEDs and 50mW/cm2 in the red LEDs. This device operates in pulsing mode with pulsing frequencies between 10-1000Hz and duty cycle of 10-100% with 10-minute intervention time. All the skin-contacting materials used in this device meet ISO 10993 requirements for biocompatibility for cytotoxicity, sensitization, and irritation. FlexBeam is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery in the battery module with one charge lasting for up to 1.5 hours. This module also contains a convenient user interface for turning on and shutting down the device, for program selection and for indication of the state of charge.

The Flexbeam contains an active fan cooling system to regulate temperature and automatic shutdown at the completion of each treatment.   It is also programmed to shut down in the case of overheating or overcurrent faults to ensure user safety.

The intended use of FlexBeam is directly on the skin, anywhere on the body. It is not designed to treat the head. Once achieved 510k exemption (November 2021) the FlexBeam will be an over-the-counter device intended for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and muscle spasm; relieving stiffness; temporary relaxation of muscle tissue and to increase local blood circulation.

The FlexBeam emits non-coherent Red, and Near-infrared (NIR) light through an optimization of Mitochondria functioning and an increase in microcirculation stimulated by this light.

Additional associated benefits are

– faster recovery from physical performance,

– increased energy levels, and

– improved general wellbeing and sleep.

The patient is the intended operator – this simply means that you can treat yourselves with this device in your own home…

Our experience with this Targeted Light Therapy. Since 2018, we have used PBM Lights from Recharge Health Co for targeted pain treatment of ourselves (first) and our delighted patients later : with powerful wavelengths, easy-to-use Presets, Portable, Rechargeable, for pre & post workout recovery… I am delighted to have found this device a few years ago because it has changed the quality of my life tremendously. And at 77, that means a lot!  I simply cannot imagine my life without it…

What does FlexBeam do for Pain? This wonderful tool is designed to:

Relieve : Increase blood flow, oxygen and cleaning to treat where it hurts.
Repair : Stimulate the cells to regenerate faster. Works directly where you need it, while also generating vital systemic effects for your entire body.
Recover : Boost energy for improved self-healing. Use it anytime, anywhere  The Fleaxbeam fits your body contours comfortably. You can also wear it while doing household chores or computer work.  For more info on this wonderful tool or to buy the FLEXBEAM, use this link to get a 10$ discount:


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