Answers to FAQ’s about Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy (ABET)  

This scientific treatment, developed by Dr Than Van Le during a period of some 30 years, is a combination of several Asian holistic healing techniques that are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnoses and no drugs for treatment. ABET will restore the patient’s natural energy fields and healing powers, promote relaxation and healing and have a positive effect on the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.


Dr. Thanh Van Le : Founder of Asian Bio-Energetics

 Dr. Thanh Van Le (in white) founder of AsianBio-Energetics with 3 students in Bangkok, Thailand in1994.

 In Asian Bio-Energetics we combine the following treatments  : 

  1. diagnostics, meridian and moxa herb therapies of acupuncture from      China (without needles),
  2. the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BIDORT) from Japan,
  3. the Magnet therapy and Piezo therapy from Japan,
  4. the Healing Breathing from Tibet and
  5. the deep relaxation of a Reiki Energy session from Japan and Tibet.
  6. TCM Nutritional advice and minor Life-Style changes are an important part of these sessions.

These different but complementary therapies work on many different levels of the body, the mind and the emotions.
Every treatment session is adapted to the patient’s needs of that moment and may take 1 to 2 hours.


 BIDORT diagnostics performed by Cory,

founder of Asian Healing Arts Center



 The first result of this treatment is that the patient feels lighter in body and spirit and more energetic. 
Sleep is deeper and more refreshing and physical ailments disappear quickly depending on their seriousness. 
The next step is to teach patients how they can continue to heal themselves by making minor life-style adjustments to achieve major improvements in life quality and to prevent these problems coming back…
Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy or ABET is especially effective for accident or stroke rehabilitation, back and joint pains, diabetes, sleepless nights, blood pressure, stomach, liver, kidney and urinary bladder problems, Parkinson’s, Lupus, MS  and other such debilitating diseases.

 How?   We believe that the most effective way to remove pain is to remove the cause of the pain or ailment. And that is exactly what we do.

 Imbalances are the root cause of many illnesses: 2500 years ago the Greek doctor Hippocrates believed that balance is health and that imbalance is the cause of all illness and pain. Many other medical traditions like Chinese Yin and Yang also support this theory of balance. 
Unfortunately during the last 300 years this concept has been in disfavor which has resulted in an emergence of diseases that are incurable with western medical science, like AIDS, Cancer, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s… 

Your Life Force: your energy, or what Chinese call Chi, is theLife Force that flows through your body. We all have it inside and all around us. The official western term for what is inside you is called Bio-Electric Energy; around you it is the Bio-Electromagnetic Field, or Aura.

When your Life Force becomes blocked by a stressful life or environment, it has the same effect as when a hose in your car is stuffed up. Some parts will overheat while others go dry, while the whole engine cannot work smoothly. 
An ABET practitioner can help release these blocks to return your energy flow to normal, thereby assuring an optimal functioning of body, mind and spirit.


ABET training 

The main advantage of taking the ABET TCM training which we teach in English, is that it will enable you to take care of yourself (*first*) and of others as well

You will also learn how very important the small life-style changes in food, habits and activities are because they provide major life quality improvements for yourself, your loved-ones and for your patients.

And you will learn how to locate and use the main acupuncture points efficiently without needles.

For more details, see under the heading CLASSES

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 ABET Classes 

Training comprises 4 levels and classes are limited to max. 6 students. 
The ABET trainings are given only once a year over a period of approx. 2 months (usually during October-November-December)
This is a tough training but also very rewarding as it will increase your awareness and teach you a lot about yourself, which is not always easy. This maturing self-understanding will be woven back into your ABET practice as increased skill and connection with the patient. This adaptation of ancient wisdom to modern-day practice is exciting and inspirational even to those already experienced in working with people.  

Furthermore, the intensive ABET training will help you to diagnose health problems in yourself and others and make the appropriate recommendations for minor life style adjustments to achieve major life quality improvements.

Course Location and Availability: All courses are given in a private setting located at the foot of Doi Suthep mountain, at about  20 km South-West from Chiangmai University or 30 minutes from the city center.
Accommodation and Food in Chiangmai, Thailand: 
as we are staying a bit out-of-town in a nice village, we suggest that you take a guestroom either at our center, or at a nearby resort within walking distance.  However, if you still want to stay in town, it will cost about 400 Bht to come here by tuktuk or taxi.

Contact us for more information, to schedule a session or check on class availability.


Note from Cory (ABET Practitioner and Teacher)

I discovered this great healing technique more than 16 years ago in Thailand (where I have been working for over 40 years).
 Even today, its wonderful results fill me with awe, wonder and gratitude. 
I truly appreciate the opportunity to practice and teach this Asian healing art


Moxibustion treats and prevents diseases by applying heat to acupuncture points or certain locations of the body.

This wonderful therapy (Moxa + combustion) is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on or near acupuncture points with the use of a herbal cigar called “Moxa”.  The patient experiences a very comforting sensation of heat that penetrates deep into the skin. 

Another way of using moxa is to burn a moxa cone on the head of an inserted acupuncture needles for which you should see a qualified acupuncturist.

MOXA STICKS:  Moxa sticks are burnt near the acupoint so as to cause a warm sensation. (during 10 to 20 minutes, with the skin turning red). Effective for numbness and pain in the limbs.

Moxibustion Sticks

 Direct Moxibustion

Indirect Moxibustion

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Moxibustion in general has a similar efficacy as acupuncture. However, medical experiments have shown that moxibustion exerts a much wider, longer and stronger effect on overall biochemical changes in the body than acupuncture. For example:
(1) It increases the production of white blood cells (or leucocytes) which destroy bacteria and thereby contribute to our defense system.  The white blood cell count almost doubles with moxibustion, but when applied continuously for six weeks, the increase is sustained for up to even three months after moxibustion is discontinued.
(2) It increases the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin.        For subjects who had an average hemoglobin ratio of 78% just before direct moxibustion, the ratio increased steadily to reach a peak of 90% in eight weeks. 

Moxibustion also shows a substantial increase in the following blood components: the sedimentation rate of red blood cells, platelet count, the speed of blood coagulation, blood calcium, blood glucose count and the capacity to produce antibodies.
(3) It improves the overall blood and lymph circulation.                          Due to the rather intense heat of burning moxa on acupoints, impulses from nerve endings of the skin cause the dilation of capillaries (the smallest vessels) to increase the blood and lymph circulation. The patient feels comfortably warm, relaxed and sleepy after moxa.                                   People who suffer from constant circulation or “cold feeling” in the hands and feet can greatly benefit from moxibustion.
(4) More effective for internal chronic ailments than acupunctureBecause of stronger effects on the overall biochemical changes, especially in blood components and the immune system, moxibustion is much more effective for chronic diseases of internal organs.
(5) Safer treatment than acupuncture and can be used as follow-up home therapyIt has been widely used as a very handy and effective folk remedy for centuries in Asia. You can use moxa not only for specific ailments but also preventively for continuously maintaining good health.

Moxa-6 Tincture : For the full benefit of moxibustion without smoke or strong odour, we made a Moxa-6 Tincture which is an undiluted herbal tincture based on a Traditional Chinese formula. This product is a great substitute for either the dry moxa rolls or dry moxa cones. Just a few drops of our Moxa-6 Tincture contain constituents equivalent to one typical stick-on moxa cone. This formula consists of six TCM herbs.
Our Moxa-6 Tincture can be applied either by spraying or by drops.          Warm the area with a therapeutic heat source such as the regular moxa stick, an infrared lamp, a regular heat lamp (or even a hairdryer).
Our Moxa-6 Tincture does more than just substitute regular moxa.            This formula is also designed for invigorating constitutional deficiency, particularly when it is applied on specific acupoints.
Recommended therapy is to apply two-to-three drops on the targeted area and then treat the area with a therapeutic heating source (like an infra-red lamp or a moxa stick) for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  Repeat the application of Moxa-6 Tincture two to three times during the course of a treatment.

Sizes: 24ml, 150ml   A bottle of 24ml, yields approximately 600 drops.


Tibetan Healing Breath

Tibetan Breathing balances the positive and negative currents inside the body.  It calms the nervous system, regulates and slows heart activity, normalizes blood pressure, stimulates digestion, increases your oxygen intake and helps to clean your body’s toxins.

How to perform Tibetan Breathing

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Hand Position: Tibetan Healing BreathingTurn your left hand palm upwards, connect your thumb and index finger to form a circle, keep your other 3 fingers gently extended and straight.
  3. Place your right hand, palm flat, directly below your belly button.
  4. Inhale gently through your nose. Follow your breath up from your nose and over your head. Continue down your spine until you reach your tailbone.
  5. Contract your buttocks muscles gently.
  6. Pursing your lips together (like a whistle) exhale from your mouth, release your buttocks muscles gently, push your breath up the front of your body with your belly muscles. This will expand your lungs and increase oxygen in your blood. All the organs of the body benefit and work better.
  7. Perform a second breath.
  8. Now, move your right hand to your heart or anywhere else where you have pain or discomfort.
  9. Perform two more breaths, for a total of four inhale/exhales.

Start by performing these 4 breathes twice per day. Early morning after waking and night time before bed are best. You can perform the breathing sitting, laying down or even while walking (keep your hands in your pockets). Any time you feel you need more energy, perform the Tibetan Healing Breath.

Note: this Tibetan Breathing Technique is a very powerful energizer which should not be overdone. If you feel that you are getting a dry throat, reduce the breathing to once or twice a day.


More ABET Content

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