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MRS. FRANCE GUILLAIN sailed 17 years on the seas of the globe with her five children. All by themselves, they had many occasions to try out the spectacular benefits of the Deviating Douche.

The body’s detoxification reactions caused by these Deviating Douches (DD) are unequaled. The DD is useful to relieve health problems. It is a tool of simple, effective and free natural health.  This Deviating Douche – which consists only of refreshing the genital area under very precise conditions – is known since thousands of years. It was probably part of our “earlier survival kit”.

Look at the animals that still practice it primarily when they are sick, wounded, or… “too” well nourished in our houses, which is often the case of domestic animals.

The Deviating Douche, deviates substances which we have in excess in our body, those which were not transformed into muscles, blood, bone… So, the Deviating Douche (DD) slowly returns these useless surpluses where they were “initially” in the intestine, to eliminate them.

That can appear too simple because this technique seems almost miraculous when scientific and medical research is so advanced today. The DD is free and without any danger since we only wet the genital area with cold water under very precise conditions. It seems impossible that this can function without the frustrations of following a diet and without the pains of surgery. Free, easy, without danger and effective – that does not exist!     It appears almost indecent, because it does not require any other effort but to regularly wet the genital area with cold water for a given length of time.  It may be difficult to understand that there is nothing “to pay” to obtain good results. But you should know that it is a practice which goes back to the early animal and human origins of life, where life or rather, survival could not be bought in a hospital or a pharmacy.

“I will believe it the day when that will make me sleep!” said 33 year old Pascal when he challenged me in 1979 in Manila, while I explained to his wife the principle of the Deviating Douche. If there is an effect whose speed and effectiveness is absolutely guaranteed, it is that one! You can test it without any problems!    But you should really do it, seriously and regularly. As of the first days you will see some if its wonderful effects.  

But Pascal said: “You do not know my case! For two years I could not sleep without increasingly powerful sleeping pills. It is even very serious, but the doctor forces me to stop from time to time during one month, and that will be precisely in a few days. And then nothing can make me sleep. You hear well: nothing!”  For this former director of a big school, to sleep thanks to the Deviating Douche was frankly impossible, an aberration. However, the forced medical deprivation of sleeping pills forced him to test it.  A few days later, without really congratulating me (because basically, I had won) he acknowledged that he did not understand anything about my DD trick, but during that one week that he did the DD, he had slept!.

      I have personally practiced the Deviating Douches every day during more than one year and the first results are very impressive: deeper sleep, more energy, more elimination via stool and urine and firming up of my body.  I did not lose any weight but somehow, 4 cm (over 1 inch) disappeared from my hips and 11 cm (almost 3 inches) from my waist… and this happened without any dieting or special exercises and while still eating my fun foods like ice-cream or Belgian chocolates.

The Deviating Douches are a treasure for your body.  Now you can find health and well-being with this simple gesture practiced since ancient times.


Knowledge is power

Summary of the Deviating Douche
Method to Better Health

The Deviating Douche (DD) is a natural means of staying in good condition.

This method stimulates all elimination processes of the body. Whatever does not belong there, will leave by the sweat, the urine and the stool.

Results will be visible and measurable: passing easier and bigger stools, urinating more, waist becoming smaller and thighs become thinner and firmer.

Doctors who perform liposuction found brown fats, white fats, some kind of fat flakes and finally even fats which they compared to raiser blades. These fats became as hard as plastic.  They had to be cut them with a surgical knife because they could not be sucked away because these fats are located in the fascia.

The fascia system  is a very thin, transparent  membrane which surrounds all our muscles and all our organs. It is made of one single piece, which starts from the small intestine. From there it circulates throughout the whole body to finally end up in the large intestine. The fascia are everywhere, between the skin of our toes, in all small joints, between the skin and the cartilage of the ears, along all the bones and enclosing all muscles. We will even find fascia between the brain tissues and the skull.

What happens in the small intestine? When you have eaten healthy food and chewed it well then the scanner of the mouth will send a message to the brain about the quantity of interesting nutrients that become available. Therefore only those products which will be “approved” by the brain will enter the blood stream. The remainder of good ingredients will not be eliminated but will be caught by the fascia which will build up a reserve in the form of brown fat.

The unusable parts which have been extracted from the food will be eliminated by the intestines.

But there is a third part composed of those foods which you did not chew well and which can therefore not be absorbed by the body. Other products that can pass through the intestinal wall will arrive here as well, such as chemicals, medicines, drugs, dope, tobacco smoke, pesticides, etc. this will be some kind of reserve storage in case the brown fats would not be sufficient.

When you have eaten sufficient fibers, these products will not be absorbed by the fascia. If the mouth scanner does not find sufficient nutrients in the incoming foods or if you have not eaten enough to make brown fats, then your body will store anything it can get as some kind of reserve.

The brown fats in the fascia have 2 objectives. The first one is to store reserves in case you would stop to eat. In that case, these brown fats will again be absorbed in the blood circulation. The second very important objective is your motion energy. So we need those brown fats badly for our moving energy but also as a protection against cold or warmth. In such cases, the fascia system will distribute the brown fats over the whole body.

These last few years however, we are recommended not to eat fats. The result of all this is that we have no more brown fats and the consequence of this is that the body will retain water. This is quite logic because the skin with all cells from the different skin layers, will try to protect against the heat or the cold. In the absence of brown fats, the skin will fill up with water. It swells and swells and is still not capable to protect us against the cold or warmth. Specialists, who have understood this system, recommend big patients to eat more healthy fats and sugars like honey to enable them to make brown fats again, to fill up the fascia and to excrete the fluids from the skin cells.

The fascia are not a garbage bin to collect waste. They have a vital function in our organism. Apparently, they can only function properly when we keep our genitals cool and provide them with a light friction when walking. This friction will reach very important acupuncture points.

Too much surcharge in the fascia may create pressure on certain organs. A heart that is surrounded by fat means that the fascia are full of fat. You should lose weight urgently to prevent a heart attack. Losing weight means clean up the fascia, or in other words, do the Deviating Douche !

The Deviating Douche does not kill a virus or microbes but these can only thrive in a zone with excess.


Knowledge is power

Some specific indications

  • If you have an acute toothache or a nerve inflammation or facial pains and help is not available immediately
  • If you want to lose body volume (not body weight), use the DD
  • Grey Hair? You can activate the fascia’s functions with the DD at any age, even at 98 years !  It will work.
  • For Arthritis or painful swollen joints : quick results can be expected !
  • If you have a huge throat infection with a burning throat, blurry eyes, fever, headache etc. give yourself a real cool DD for about 20 to 30 minutes. Within half an hour, the headache will have diminished or disappeared completely; the eyes will not be blurred by tears anymore, the fever will have dropped and your throat will feel less painful.
  • Warts, fatty tumors, small tubercles or lumps were bubbles in your fascia and can benefit from DD.
  • For eczema or cetaceous skin eruptions, you have a fascia system which is overloaded and maybe even porous: so the fascia will try to release this excess via the skin.
  • If you have mouth ulcers, you have porous mucous membranes and should use the DD.
  • If you travel and expect to eat unhealthy food, take a cold gel packet along to enable you to discreetly cool down your genitals.
  • Did you drink too much coffee or tea or alcohol this evening? Then, take a Deviating Douche 10 minutes before going to sleep. It will eliminate very fast its effects. It will not remove the alcohol from your blood but it will help us to eliminate a certain number of unnecessary materials from our body.
  • Incontinence: for mothers who have trouble with incontinence while coughing, sneezing or jumping after several births, I recommend the Deviating Douches. They will notice an improvement within 48 hours. The same result can be expected with young girls who have this problem. It has the additional benefit of improving your sex life because the perineum will strengthen when you cleanse the fascia. It really does work! Also with women over 50 years!
  • Diabetics who have very big babies will also benefit from the Deviating Douches.
  • Patients with a Hepatitis C virus  will benefit from DD.
  • The DD works fantastically for varicose veins. It may take about a year before all the knots will flatten out but you will have fewer problems with your legs. So don’t have your veins clog up with fat.
  • Bubbles at the inside of the womb create fibroses. As long as they are small, they can disappear easily while using the Deviating Douche. But when they are bigger, they can still be dissolved with the DD but that should then be done with regular medical check-ups to be sure that you are winning the race against time. You could have regular scans to prevent bleedings.
  • If you want to work really late at night, like when you are a student and you want to study till 2 in the morning. take a half hour Deviating Douche at 7 p.m.and eat only uncooked  food. As long as you will sit at your desk, you will be able to continue without problems until 2 or 3 in the morning. But if you risk lying down just for 2 minutes, you will fall asleep like a block into a very deep sleep. When getting up the next morning, make the effort of taking a 10 minute Deviating Douche and you will be in super form all day long, even if you have slept only 2 hours!
  • Hunger : taking a Deviating Douche before a meal will silence your hunger for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Stress : Deviating Douches will also help to handle stress better.
  • Depressed people should use a Deviating Douche every day.
  • I know 3 persons with  Parkinson’s disease but up to now, I cannot report much about it yet, except that  symptoms have not aggravated but also not improved.
  • Sinus problems : if you take your Deviating Douche on a regular basis you will never have sinus problems but it may take a year or two before all the rubbish has been cleaned up.
  • For serious liver problems you should take regular DD’s and put a thick clay compress on the lower abdomen, NOT on the liver. Persevere!

Additional recommendations

If you want to avoid porous mucous membranes, porous fascia or a porous large intestine, all you have to do is to eat every day 2 to 3 spoons of organic oils, from the first cold pressing. For best effect, this oil should be absorbed with the food, like e.g. a salad or on your pasta or rice instead of butter.

If you eat sunflower pips (the raw one’s), or nuts, you will need less oil. You should not heat this oil because this will change the composition of the atoms and they can no longer contribute to the construction of our cells and work as an anti-oxidant.

If you eat fats which are not in good condition, they will end up in the fascia and they will overburden them, especially if the fascia do not circulate well which would facilitate the elimination. If not, the fats in the fascia will be more and more compressed and that is how bubbles are created which will become warts, fatty tumors, small tubercles or lumps, etc.

Bubbles at the inside of the womb create fibrosis.  As long as they are small, they can disappear easily while using the Deviating Douche. When they are bigger, they can still be dissolved with the DD but that should then be done with regular medical check-ups to be sure that you are winning the race against time.


Knowledge is power


It is very important to combine the two main activities of the Deviating Douche: friction and cold.

If you can supply coolness and friction, you can shorten the DD. If you work only with coolness, you will have to do it much longer. Let me explain this with the various methods that can be used.

  1. The Bucket method: Just sit on a chair or a bucket with cold water. If you sit on a chair, then put the water bucket in front of you so that you can reach it easily without forcing your neck. Put the washing glove in the water and gently brush over your genitals : plunge and stroke, plunge and stroke during 10 minutes which will be equivalent to 1 hour of coolness without friction, like for instance with a cold gel packet.
  2. The frozen water bottle. You can also freeze a bottle of water or refrigerate it till it is very cold. Then cover it with a washing glove and keep it on your genital area. Maybe you can do this while lying in bed and covering yourself with a quilt to keep warm. Do this during one hour. We recommend this method for people who have trouble keeping themselves warm during the Deviating Douche.
  3. Another way would be to use a cold gel pack to enable you to discreetly cool down your genitals while you do your household shores or shopping. Just cover it up with a thin towel and put it in your slip. It should be supple pack and have the size of a big sanitary napkin. You can buy it in drugstores as a Cold or Hot Pack. They cost between 1 and 3 Euros or Dollars.
  4. Use the toilet shower generously every time you go and relieve yourself.
  5. Use the cold normal shower on your genital area when you wash yourself.
  6. For a baby it is of vital importance to change the diapers regularly and while doing so to cool down their genitals during 20 seconds while wiping them gently. This will help the baby to eliminate its waste via the stool.
  7. For older people, using senior diapers, this is equally important, but also to cool down the genital area at regular intervals (like during toilet visits).
  8. Acute problems: When someone in China has a heart attack, they will immediately strongly rub those areas and usually the patient will come to. These areas are the “power stations of the body.” Whenever I am confronted with an acute problem, I will even put ice on these areas to cause a shock. That may not be very pleasant but it is still better than death! 

Which part of the genitals should you douche? For the women this will not be on the clitoris but on both sides of it. For the men, this should be the tip of the penis and/or the testicles if you can stand it.

It is very important to keep your body nice and warm during a Deviating Douche, whether you are sitting on a chair, on a bidet or on a bucket. It is not enough just to be cold. Your body  must really feel nice and warm; if not, the results will be less good !

A Deviating Douche should never be painful. If the water is really too cold, just add a little warm water but it should still be cooler than your body temperature! 

It should also never irritate you. When we talk about friction, we mean that the washing glove should touch the surface gently. Stroking softly or tap or gently massage

You will probably not lose one gram after having used the Deviating Douches during one year but your body will look like reborn because you have increased the density of bones and muscles while losing the volume: a beautiful waist, slimmer thighs and no fat buttocks anymore.


The volume is not necessarily heavy but because we have been stressing in “our civilized countries” during the past thirty years that we have to lose weight, we have been eliminating several badly needed nutrients to make sure that we would not get fat. The result of this is that most people at 50 have such brittle bones that it becomes a catastrophe, especially those women who have most fervently followed all kinds of diets!  It is therefore of capital importance to be heavy and slim instead of thin and undernourished !

Generally speaking, always start your meal with some uncooked food, even if they are just a few well chewed raisins. If you do not, you will weaken your body’s natural resistance. See the main document for more details about this.

Dominic Guillot is a friend of Mrs Guilin’s daughter> At the age of 16 he got Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He could not see at all with one eye. He was walking with a stick and finally ended up in a wheelchair. At some point, he even had to be fed artificially because he could not swallow anymore. He stayed in the hospital and was 90% handicapped. Well, this boy started to eat only uncooked food and he is doing well. He regained his sight and is walking again. If he eats different again, he has a new attack!

This Deviating Douche can never weaken you or take away your energy. On the other hand, it will also not stimulate you. It will only give you the normal energy which you need every day.


Do not take a Deviating Douche immediately after eating unless you have eaten uncooked food. After eating warm food, it is best to wait for one hour; after a very extensive meal, wait one and a half hours.

Do not take a Deviating Douche during the real menstruation period. The beeding which users of contraceptive pills get are not a real menstruation!

After an operation, it is better to wait a few weeks even though that may differ from person to person. If in doubt, just give me a call. If you have any sutures, you better wait till the tissues have clearly closed properly.

Duration : normally, you can start the DD twice a day for about 10 minutes, or max. 20 minutes with the bucket or cold pack method. Gradually, build it up to 30 minutes per session.

If today you really do not have the time or the will to take a Deviating Douche, do it anyway, even if it is only for three minutes because three minutes is better than nothing at all.

I know some people who really take their Deviating Douche every day, year after year and they never have any health problems. Of course, this may not prevent them from being hit by a truck!  But even when these people work every day in a badly aired hall they will never catch the flu. Maybe during one evening their nose will run a little or they may have a light fever but when they take a serious Deviating Douche in the evening, they will not be sick.

So the Deviating Douche has an effect on everything and heals nothing!

It only cleans up the carriers : it does a big cleaning in your body!

If you want to know more about the Deviating Douche, just send an e-mail to [email protected] and I will forward to you free of charge the full 19 page English translation of the original conference transcription.

If you want a hard copy by post, please send a self-addressed envelope (A-3 size) with 50 Baht for Thai destinations, 10 Euro for European destinations or 10 US$ for USA addresses to cover the postal and copying charges. Thank you.

The full document is the translation of a 180 minutes recording of a seminar which was given in French by MRS. FRANCE GUILLAIN who lived 17 years on the seas of the globe with her five children. All by themselves, they had many occasions to try out the spectacular benefits of the Deviating Douche.

I am very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to translate this presentation and thereby enable myself and you to discover this way to a simple and inexpensive way to better health and well-being.  I therefore like to invite every one to pass this information to as many people as possible.

I wish all of you a “refreshing” good health.

Cory Croymans
Asian Healing Arts Center
Chiangmai University,
P.O. Box 51,
Chiangmai 50202, Thailand

Have a happy and healthy life.


Knowledge is power

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