Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy or ABET is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
It is a surprising therapy, often amazing, sometimes incredible, even for us practitioners after more than 26 years of practice.
Our treatment objectives are :
To prevent physical or psychological problems by discovering and treating the cause of your pain or energy blockages;
Personalise your treatments based on your energy status on that moment in time.
Activate your body’s own healing power which is especially useful when facing stressful situations like health problems or psychological challenges.
Even if you don’t feel “sick” or have no pain in your body, you can still benefit from an ABET session with more energy and a deeper sensation of wellness, strength and balance.

Various biological, genetic and emotional factors make up our energetic potential.
What we often forget is that our human body is influenced by subtle electrical impulses which allow the body to adjust all the time to external (climatic) or internal (food) influences.
Your physical and psychic health as well as your general wellbeing depend largely on the free energy circulation in your body. This energy is called “Vital Life Force”, or “Qi” in Chinese and Prana in Sanskrit.
When there is a blockage in this circulation, we feel pain, or tired, with poor digestion, or constipation problems and so on. Such signs are a first indication of “an irregular flow” of that Vital Life Force.

Our energy balance also influences our behaviour.
The attraction we may feel for another person, for an object or for a place, does not only depend on our logical evaluation. It is related to the positive energetic feedback we feel of that person, object or place. Such resonance may also be negative, with a feeling of discomfort, or it may be neutral, feeling indifference.

What is an Asian Bio-Energetics (ABET) session like?
During every ABET session, we find your body’s imbalances or weaknesses with the Bio-Digital O-Ring Test.
We take away the negative energy which causes the weakness and replace it with positive energy to help you balance your body again.

We use a combination of several oriental holistic healing techniques which are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnoses and no drugs for treatment.
We use the Diagnostics, Meridian and Moxibustion therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine from China (without needles) and combine this with the  Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, the Magnet and Piezo therapy from Japan
and with the Healing Breathing from Tibet.
We finish each session with a deeply relaxing Reiki Energy Massage that will activate your own healing powers.

  • These tried and proven techniques are as much ART as Science.
  • They promote deep relaxation, restore your natural energy fields and healing powers and they have a positive effect on your emotional, physical and spiritual well being.
  • In other words, these different but complementary therapies work on different levels of the body.
  • Every session is adapted to your specific needs of that very moment.


The first result of this treatment is that you feel lighter in body and spirit and more energetic.
Sleep is deeper and more refreshing and physical ailments can disappear surprisingly quickly depending on their seriousness.

The next step is to teach patients how to continue healing themselves by making small life style changes and gain major life quality improvements.
Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy (ABET) is especially effective for accident or stroke rehabilitation, back and joint pains, diabetes, sleepless nights, blood pressure, stomach, liver, kidney and urinary bladder problems, Parkinson’s, Lupus and other such debilitating diseases.
Last, but certainly not least, we want to improve the quality of life of those patients with terminal diseases to make their final days on earth more comfortable and dignified, and to help them to accept the inevitable peacefully.

We believe that the most effective way to remove pain is to remove the cause of the pain or ailment. And that is exactly what we do.

Sometimes, when the physical body has a complete breakdown, a healing cannot take place, a deeply relaxing treatment will still give peace of mind, which in turn can relieve pain.
This is because in this peace-induced state, the mind partly leaves the body, so that the pain messages from the brain are partly inactivated, as happens with meditation.”

I extracted this very valuable message from Betty Shine’s books, which I encourage everyone to read.

All our treatment fees are on a minimum donation basis.
We want to keep the cost low as to not limit treatments but these fees are also an important source of income for our charity activities in Northern Thailand.
For new patients, we give a series of  minimum 3 sessions to benefit from the cumulative effects of these deeply relaxing treatments..
Our treatment fees are on a minimum donation basis for 3 sessions of at least one hour, but more often two hours.  

Please note that a first session usually lasts the longest, at least 2 hours often more. Consecutive sessions may take less than 2 hours.

Want a Cranio Sacral session?

A standout among the popular methods of alternative health care treatments is Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST).

This gentle yet powerful therapy works with the body, instead of forcefully imposing changes upon it.

A light-touch manual therapy, Cranio Sacral therapy enhances the body’s natural healing process.

For nearly 30 years it has been shown to be effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and loss of function.

CST is very useful as both a primary treatment method and combined with other traditional or complementary techniques. It uses a light-touch somewhere within the range of about five grams of pressure or the equivalent of the weight of a nickel.

By using this light touch you can access a core rhythm in the body that is created by the system surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This pulse is communicated throughout the entire body so you can feel it any place on the body and not necessarily just the head or the spinal column.

Where there are restrictions it will show up as a lack of motion or rhythm. By addressing these areas of restriction, we can treat the cause of problems rather than chase symptoms.

Cranio Sacral therapy was founded in the 1970’s by Dr. John Upledger. During a spinal surgery Dr. Upledger noticed the strong pulse or rhythm in the three layered membranes that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. After subsequent research at Michigan State University he determined this pulse was coming from the cerebral spinal fluid that bathes and protects the spinal cord.
“All these membranes affect brain function,” he says, “and when they’re not moving properly, there can be harm.” Dr. Upledger teaches a series of techniques designed to help therapists facilitate the natural healing capabilities we inherently have in our bodies.

Our bodies are intelligent.

We are trained into thinking that our bodies are split into separate categories.

What we know on a gut level is that our bodies are connected through many layers of body, mind, spirit and soul.

In Cranio Sacral therapy, we approach the body in this whole-istic way.

A layer of fascia or tissue that protects our organs, muscles and skeletal structure covers us. This fascia or connective tissue contains a great deal of information that is stored either consciously or through our non-conscious in the form of tissue memories.

What happens during a Cranio Sacral session varies.

Sometimes the body remembers more than the conscious mind and will work to release stored past trauma. This stored trauma is released in the form of heat, coolness, numbness or softening of the tissues. These restrictions are easily released allowing the body’s own inherent wisdom to return to natural healthy functioning.

During a treatment session we allow the person the space to open and express feelings and pain that have been held dormant within the body for years or decades.

Letting go of traumas whether they are recent or old, or psychic, emotional or physical in origin, frees up the entire system. You’re working with the body’s own innate self-correcting mechanism. This gentle yet powerful therapy is ideal to reduce symptoms of injury or disease. The results are a sense of well being and increased awareness as well as physical relief and comfort.

Cranio Sacral therapy treatments have been used for many conditions such as: chronic headaches, migraines, TMJ, joint problems, low back pain, depression, vertigo, pain, swelling, numbness, stiffness and stress, and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Even after being told that they would not improve overall, people still get better from accidents and injuries.

Some people have benefited tremendously after receiving craniosacral therapy sessions especially after traumatic accidents with significant injuries which do not seem to be able to heal completely with Western therapies.

Another person suffering with chronic headaches for the past 20 years expressed the following :
“In the early years of experiencing headaches I went through the traditional battery of tests, scans, treatments and medicines (including Thorazine); all to no avail.
Eventually, I learned to accept the headaches as a part of life. Taking Ibuprofen became a daily routine, like brushing my teeth. I was taking an average of 16 tablets daily. Now, the headaches are simply gone.”

After six weeks of Cranio Sacral therapy, he is now headache free.

Cranio Sacral therapy also reaches into the psychological and spiritual plane as well.

One patient says: “Cranio Sacral therapy has allowed me to reach and to heal parts of myself on a level far beyond intellectual understanding.          My pain was so great and my wounds were so deep that I had become numb and was operating from a false self – a self desperately seeking meaning and comfort but unable to find any lasting peace and unable to truly connect with anyone.

I constantly pushed myself to do more, be more, have more in an attempt to find what I was looking for. Finally, after having children who showed me a depth of love I had never known, I made the choice to stop running and to face my fears.
I began to experience an inner shift and for the first time experienced aspects of my spirit – quite a revelation for me since at the time, I didn’t even believe I had one.”

CST is a very useful tool in the treatment of children with a mental handicap like autism. A skilled practitioner can evaluate the Cranio Sacral rhythm through their hands.

The non-manipulative stretching of the restrictive Dura Mater of the brain by the use of Cranio Sacral therapy techniques has provided impressive improvement with autism. In autistic children this release of restrictive tissues leads to changes in sensory integration.
When these compressions in the cranial vault are released it has often resulted in the child’s ability to demonstrate love and affection, improved socialization, improved speaking ability, improved ability to connect with another including increased eye contact.
In pediatric Cranio Sacral Therapy, great improvements in sensory and motor dysfunctioning children have been witnessed.

There is always a beneficial gain in a Cranio Sacral session – sometimes subtle; sometimes dramatic. But always some self-correcting or self-healing takes place, allowing increased use and function of the body and a healthier approach to the living of life.
Having practiced and taught Reiki for over 17 years,
I immediately felt that CST complements the Reiki hands-on sessions perfectly. Therefore I quite naturally included this wonderful technique in my Reiki sessions.
All sessions which are given to a fully clothed patient, last about one and a half hours.
I look forward to sharing this wonderful healing modilaty with you.

I gratefully extracted part of this text from Molly Grady-Tatgé’s website.
She is an Advanced CranioSacral therapist with 14 years experience.
She is also a certified presenter, teacher and study group leader with the Upledger Institute.
You can contact her office in Atlanta or visit her website CranioSacral Therapy at

A first session will last about 2 hours, sometimes more.
The following treatments may take around one to one
and a half hours, depending on what your body needs
at that time.

For new patients, we give a series of  minimum 3 sessions
to benefit from the cumulative effects of these deeply relaxing treatments..
We cannot really help you to make life-time changes in just one session.

That would be too tough.
All our treatment fees are on a minimum donation basis.
We want to keep the cost low as to not limit treatments but these fees are also an important source of income for our charity activities in Northern Thailand.

To protect the privacy of our patients, we will only see you after you have made an appointment.
Contact us here to schedule a session
from Monday through Friday 10.00 – 3.00

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