How can this non-invasive treatment help you?

by Cory Croymans-Plaghki (Ms),

Asian Healing Arts Center,

ABET is a scientific treatment. It combines several Asian holistic healing techniques which are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnosis and no drugs nor herbs for treatment.

We use the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics, meridian and moxibustion therapies (without needles) and combine this with the BIDOR Test, with the Magnet and Piezo therapy (fromJapan), with the Healing Breathing from Tibet and the deep Reiki relaxation from Japan.

ABET treats the patient, not the condition nor the illness. It offers rapid stress reduction and a sense of profound well-being. It can benefit anyone who is suffering.

What does a session look like? Our treatments are offered through light touch to a clothed recipient who is either sitting or lying down comfortably.   During every treatment session, we diagnose the patient’s weaknesses with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test(BIDOR test).

We will then assess this result to understand what your main problem is and on which organ meridians we should work to help you find your balance.   

While doing the Tibetan Breathing technique, we then take away your negative energy or painful energy blockages and replace it with positive energy to help you balance your body.  We finish each session with a full and deeply relaxing REIKI treatment.

Asian Techniques being combined in ABET  

1- BIDOR Test is a muscle test which has been developed by Dr Manaka of Kyoto University (Japan). It allows the practitioner to get a very accurate feedback about the condition of any specific organ. This test can also be used to check food (very useful in case of food allergies),  as well as many other things.

2- Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques: we use the diagnostic points of acupuncture  and the Yin-Yang and 5 Elements systems to analyse the patients’condition.. We treat the patient thru the Meridian energy pathways which provide a direct link to the weakened organs. We use the moxibustion heat treatment when necessary

3- Piezo : to unblock serious obstructions, we can use a crystal powered accu magnetic device which does not pierce the skin but will enable the practitioner to clear obstructions that are causing pain. We use this piezo with acupuncture points and can thereby provide quick pain relief. Sometimes this may be the only treatment that is necessary. It is especially beneficial in case of musculo-skeletal pains of the joints and spine, of the hips and the upper and lower extremities.

4- Magnets :  we can use ferrite and 24 Kt gold plated magnets from Japan. They emit a constant and concentrated magnetic flux of 800 Gauss from a single point and give a concentrated stimulation to a single acupuncture point. We apply this magnet with a hypo-allergenic plaster.

5- The Tibetan Breathing technique is a very powerful energiser which we teach to every patient to help them to center their body and mind and to become more open to receive the healing energies.

What does it do? It establishes a balance between positive and negative currents. It calms the nervous, system, it regulates and slows heart activity. It reduces or stabilises blood pressure. It stimulates digestion and lastly, it helps to clean your body’s toxins.

After I finish this talk, I will be happy to teach all of you how to do this Tibetan Breathing.

6- Reiki : last but certainly not least, we finish the treatment with a Reiki session. This is a wonderful hands-on healing technique from Japan which provides a deep relaxation thereby restoring the patient’s own healing powers and providing healing on a subtler level.

Choice of treatments   We do not use these treatments all at the same time, but only if the patient’s condition requires it.

Timing of treatments   Generally it is advisable to have treatments closer together at the beginning. Whether this is daily or weekly should be discussed by the practitioner and patient and decided after the first treatment.

Patient’s participation and responsibility

  1. We believe that each person must take responsibility for his/her medical care. So we give each patient some homework in the form of Tibetan Breathing to keep their energies well balanced.
  2. When having ABET treatments, anyone dependent on medication, such as diabetics, should have their medications monitored more frequently by their doctor, in case the need for medication decreases. I have seen the need for insulin reduced even in people who had been treated for diabetes over many years. Other patients have been able to reduce their psychiatric and pain medications under the close supervision of their own doctor. This is a decision made between patient and physician and does not involve the ABET practitioner at all.

ABET works from the most subtle level of our existence, where imbalance begins. As we regain balance, called homeostasis in medicine, superficial symptoms often disappear, and the body’s innate healing potential is enhanced.

Specific results are never promised and vary widely from person to person but ABET can be a valuable addition to any treatment plan or well-being program.

Because ABET is extremely gentle, it is appropriate in any situation. It will not interfere with any medical interventions being used, and will provide comfort and relief from their side effects.

     Those who seek ABET during chronic or serious illness should have at least 4 treatments before evaluating its benefits appropriately because the effects are cumulative.

Although treatment is generally relaxing, there are often distinct differences in the experience of different treatments and an overall deepening of the experience over repeated sessions.

An ABET treatment is pleasant, relaxing, and centering. It can also be gently energizing. ABET is always balancing, and follows the need of the receiver, not the intention of the practitioner. Besides immediate stress-reduction and symptomatic relief, there are other subtle and profound effects that unfold over time and which accumulate with continued treatment.

ABET may help maximize results while minimizing side-effects by enabling the individual to return to balance between conventional western treatment sessions. As a matter of fact, we can use ABET to support a patient during necessary but invasive conventional western medical procedures or therapies. So, if you have a heart attack, I would recommend you you to go the hospital straight away, but I will come along to help you recover faster.

Integrating ABET  : ABET is a therapy that can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional western medicine or other complementary and alternative techniques because it will not alter the action of other interventions.

ABET and medical applications

Safety   There are no known medical contra-indications to ABET treatment. The recipient draws the healing vibration according to his/her need, so there is no danger of over-dosing. My only concern about the safety of ABET is really a concern that people be sensible after a treatment and not overdo things because they feel so god again.

ABET treatment has no medical contra-indications. It does not involve the use of any drug or substance and the touch is non-manipulative. When necessary, as in the case of burns or sensitive IV sites, ABET can be offered just off the body.

There is no time when ABET is dangerous. However, all treatments should be used with common sense. Patients who are dependent on pharmaceuticals or procedures require closer medical monitoring, because the need for these interventions may actually lessen. Patients receiving ABET often require less pain medication, which is an advantage at any time, but especially for those who want to maintain their mental clarity through the dying process.

ABET treatment is given to support the person experiencing the disease and not to attack disease. ABET will not interfere with medical treatments, but will encourage the rebalancing of the patient’s entire system. This may lighten side effects and increase tolerance to invasive procedures.

     ABET combines safely with any medical intervention.  It can be used to soothe dental and surgical anxiety and improve recovery; reduce side effects of pharmaceuticals, radiation and chemotherapy; improve sleep; strengthen sobriety; relieve anxiety; lessen pain; and support recovery from trauma. The benefits of ABET treatment can be quite dramatic when used on patients awaiting emergency medical treatment.

     Some patients have been able to reduce their dependence on pharmaceutical treatment for depression, anxiety, pain, sleep and diabetes – this must always be done with the physician’s explicit agreement and careful oversight.    

     ABET can be combined with other complementary or alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractice, or homeopathy. Because ABET is drawn by the recipient, it will enhance their effectiveness without creating interference.

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