During the past 30 years, here in Thailand, we practiced and taught energy therapies (Aromatherapy, ABET-TCM, Cranio-Sacral, Reiki). We also worked with many crystals.
At first, our Western trained cartesian minds found it hard to accept that these cold looking stones are alive, actually vibrate and can amplify and transmit energy which help us feel so great…
We carefully combined 7 different crystals into the AHAC CRYSTAL BRACELET that we can easily slide on our drinking bottles, our wrists or carry in our pockets. This way, we could also experience the crystals’ many healing benefits from the inside-out.  And so can you because…
Drinking Water from your CRYSTAL empowered bottles supports Your Health, Helps You Lose Weight and Changes Your Life!
Now, you can turn regular bottle or tap water into energizing water, get many amazing health benefits and lose weight naturally without diet or pills!
When you attach the AHAC Crystal Bracelet to your drinking bottle, its precious quartz crystals will subtly transmit its energetic properties to the water. We are not talking about supernatural forces but electromagnetic frequencies which are measurable with scientific equipments.
Water is vital to our health as it encourages the cells to better interact with proteins. So, when you drink this water, ALL the crystals’ healing properties will reach your cells and support your health and energies inside your body.
As your body contains over 70% water, imagine what happens when you also wear this pretty AHAC Crystal Bracelet during the day…

Small size for small bottles or your wrists (17cm) 
Big size for bigger bottles (24cm) 

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Normaly, you have to energetically cleanse your crystals periodically because they can pick up and carry detrimental energy. And if that happens, they can be disharmonious to your water and your body. To prevent this problem, we have energetically harmonised these Crystal Water bracelets to become automatically self-clearing of any negative energies they could have absorbed temporarily.

Can AHAC Crystal Bracelets Help You feel Fitter and Lose Weight Naturally ?
We selected 7 natural crystals for the amazing effects they provide to the human body : Amethyst, Aquamarine, clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian (carneline) and Lapis Lazuli.
You’ll find that these crystals work together harmoniously to re-structure your water and provide these amazing health benefits because they help:
1. increase your resting metabolism and recharge the liquid batteries of your body and thereby your energy levels.
2. Better digestion and stabilise blood sugar.
3. Reduce appetite and cravings.
4. Easier weight maintenance and loss if needed (without diets).

5. Become more self conscious about your eating choices.
6. Better concentration and memory.
7. Better cellular hydration and natural detox.
8. Increase confidence, self image, willpower, inner strength.
9. Increase your inner vibration to attract abundance and happiness.
10. When you drink this special water that has been revitalised with our powerful Crystal Bracelet, you can increase your body’s resting metabolic rate and start losing weight naturally.
11. All these actions support your health, balance your internal organs and hormones and bring other hidden benefits like deeper sleep.

Research References are attached below…
• Independent laboratories found that crystal empowered tap water changes its molecular structure and gains a perfect hexagonal structure after only 10-14 minutes…
• It also increases the water’s PH (becomes less acidic), thus supporting your body’s immunity.
• Its oxygen content increases considerably. This extra oxygen can reach your blood stream in 30 seconds after you drink this crystal powered water. It can drastically increase your energy levels!
In other words… Our Crystal Bracelet will improve the quality and healing benefits of ordinary drinking waters which get closer to natural spring waters.
You can support your health and body’s natural balance, and start losing weight effortlessly, by attaching the Crystal Bracelet to your drinking bottles.
Drinking one full bottle during the first half of the day is the perfect way to boost your metabolism and energy.
AHAC CRYSTAL WATER BRACELETS really changed mine and my clients’ fitness level, as well as their challenging workouts. All of them look fitter and slimmer!” And they seem to enjoy life more!

Why did we use these crystals?
Amethyst : this beautiful purple stone relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety, and dissolves negativity. Reduced stress has been linked to weight loss in many clinical studies. Natural medicine has been using Amethyst to break bad habits and overcome addictions. It can also be very useful for people with food portion control or overeating.
Aquamarine : the healing benefits of this beautiful stone are connected with breathing. It is known to reduce sinus, lung and respiratory problems as well as bronchitis, colds, hay fever and various allergies.
Clear Quartz is a Super Therapist as it stimulates the immune system and balances the body. It also clears your mind, so you can take better eating choices. Furthermore, Clear Quartz modulates and amplifies energy, concentration and memory, and balances the whole body.
Rose Quartz : to balance emotional health, increase self-love, release emotional blockages and balance your chakras (Birch). For sensitive skin, Rose Quartz is like an Elixir, to reduce wrinkles and obtain a clearer, more youthful complexion.
Citrine induces positive energy to treat depression. The ancient Persians used it to increase self confidence and attract success and prosperity. It also helps to detox and improve digestion.
Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, boosts metabolism. Many women claim that they have drastically reduced their cellulite.
Lapis Lazuli This pretty indigo and gold gemstone is known for cleansing the throat and third eye chakras and to protect against psychic attacks.  Lapis Lazuli is geared to wisdom and communication. It can facilitate clarity, integrity, and intuition.

Can you imagine how your life CAN CHANGE if you drink water infused with these 7 powerful crystals Every Single Day?
Experience the smooth and mild taste of Crystal Bracelet water every single day while supporting your health, vitality and youthfulness.

Benefits Of Drinking Water energized by the AHAC Crystal Bracelets :
• Boost your metabolism and start losing weight naturally without having to diet or exercise!
• Maintain a healthy weight easier and without pills or extra exercise.
• Increase your energy level so you can play with your kids and grand-kids longer, plus you’ll be more productive at work because energized Structured Water charges the water molecules in our cells to their optimum level and promotes optimal functioning of structures and tissues.
• Reduce the effects of aging, you’ll feel younger and happier!
• Support your digestion, your memory and immune system.
• Healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels
• Reduce your medical expenses as you’ll get sick less often!
• People who consumed structured water for one month demonstrated an increase in the average concentration of hemoglobin.

Structured Water greatly affects the human body and our health.
Because you’ll feel better, you’ll also have more confidence.


                                    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !

If you want to order our Crystal Water Bracelets, we will send them directly from Thailand which may take a few weeks. But, if you want them sooner and if you are located in Europe, you can order directly at this email address [email protected] and visit this website https://www.t.herbals.fr

1. Are the CRYSTAL BRACELETS safe? Yes, we only selected natural crystals that are completely safe to the human body.

2. Will these crystals lose power over time? Normally, you should energetically cleanse crystals periodically because they can pick up and carry detrimental energy. And if that happens, they can be disharmonious to your water and your body. To prevent this problem, we have energetically harmonised these Crystal Water Bracelets to become automatically self-clearing of any negative energies they could have absorbed temporarily…

3. Is there proof that the crystals inside CRYSTAL BRACELET change the properties of water? YES, OF COURSE! Scientists from different independent laboratories on different continents, have proven that the PH and oxygen content of water increases with crystals.
Their tests showed that crystal empowered water becomes hexagonal, and reaches a quality level otherwise only found in natural springs.
The best way to proof how beneficial Crystal Bracelet water can be for your body, is to try it yourself. You’ll be amazed!

4. How do the crystals affect the water as they do not really touch it? Our CRYSTAL BRACELET Water is made by the high energy of its crystals which you attached to your drinking bottle. They are naturally transferred to the water. So, when you drink this water, all the healing properties of crystals will reach your cells and support your health.
They will also help you lose weight naturally.

5. Will the CRYSTAL BRACELET really work for me?
Drinking water with our Crystal Bracelet energies support your health, better digestion, weight loss, and maintain high energy levels.
This unique and powerful combination of crystals is helping thousands of men and women change their lives.
It makes no difference if you’re a man or a woman, if you’re 60 or 30 years old. You can get impressive results just by drinking 2-3 liters per day of the Crystal empowered water, ideally for 3 to 6 months.
And you will notice the difference quickly when you start drinking this crystal structured water.

6. Does the CRYSTAL BRACELET water taste different from regular water? It sure does. Almost all customers report a difference in taste between regular drinking water and CRYSTAL BRACELET Water.
The difference is often perceived as a change in the texture of the water. Try for yourself!

 are  7. What are the Pros and Cons?
Pros : The Crystal Bracelets consists entirely of natural crystals.
They are inexpensive. There are no negative effects and they recharge themselves naturally.
It is simple to use, increases your energy levels and weight reduction
and gives you better cellular hydration.
Crystals have been shown to be effective for other health issues.
Cons : The outcomes may vary from person to person.
Our CRYSTAL WATER BRACELET is not available at local retailers.

8. For how long do the crystals emit their energy? Do I have to recharge the crystals inside the CRYSTAL BRACELET bottles?
The crystals do not have to be recharged and won’t lose their “powers” in our lifetime. All the crystals we use are hand-selected, natural pieces taken from the earth. They are age-old and have been created in red heat, eons ago. They haven’t lost their energy in the time since, and we don’t see a reason why they should in a human’s short lifespan.

9. How will the CRYSTAL BRACELET be shipped to me and how quickly? We will ship your order directly to your home or office by Thai Post or courier. We will process your order in 24 hours, and you can expect your order to be shipped within 7 business days.

10. How many CRYSTAL BRACELETS should I order?
Our bracelets can be an amazing gift for your close friends or family members. That is why we recommend you to order at least 3 sets of bracelets to benefit from free shipping. 

11. What do I do now? Order your powerful Crystal Bracelet.
Send us your details and then you can relax as we process your order, pack it up and send it to your doorstep in a few days. It’s time to change your life, so…Order Your New CRYSTAL WATER BRACELET Right Now So You Can Lose Weight Naturally & Support Your Health!

Think about it… In a few months from now, you could already be 20 pounds lighter and have so much more energy!  And because our CRYSTAL WATER  BRACELETS can be a beautiful premium gift, consider buying another one or two for a friend! This way, you can make your friend or  family member super happy and healthier!

If you want to order our Crystal Water Bracelets, we will send them directly from Thailand which may take a few weeks. But, if you want them sooner and if you are located in Europe, you can order directly at this email address [email protected] and visit this website https://www.t.herbals.fr



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