Spagyric Tinctures offer a more energetically complete plant extraction.      They are part of the ancient alchemy traditions of the West.

These concentrated extractions contain the three essentials – that is, the body, soul and spirit – of the plant, purified and recombined in an exalted medicinal form. Ordinary herbal tinctures only partially use the curative powers of the plants from which they are prepared.
Spagyric processes ‘open’ the plant and liberate stronger curative powers while considering Nature and its powers.
Spagyric tinctures are a perfect combination of modern science with that very ancient herbal tradition. They have a faster, deeper effect at more conveniently reduced doses than herbal teas or normal tinctures.


Herbal Teas

We especially like to promote the teas and other products that are grown
in the mountain villages of the New Life Foundation because we want to
support this wonderful organization which truly helps the underprivileged Thais who have a physical or mental handicap.

  • Mulberry teas – a refreshing, green, natural infusion with support
    for diabetes.
  • Dried Longan tea : great to support your Heart and Spleen functions. Can be taken continuously for a long time. Details on this page here
  • Jiaogulan tea – a wonderful herbal tonic
    for your health and well being, see details here on Jiaogulan page.
  • Chrysanthemum Tea : facilitates Qi + Blood, lightens the body + prevents aging according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Mulberry Tea and tinctures

100% Mulberry Leaf (bulk) called Sang Ye in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our Mulberry is from the White Mulberry tree. This healthy tea is abundant in minerals and free of pesticides, caffeine, sugar, colorings and preservatives. Mulberry’s natural aroma and bitter-sweet flavor creates a delicious beverage that may nourish the body. Naturally bitter and sweet, cooling down the body.

One of the most outstanding quality of mulberry leaf is that it prevents sugar from entering into the blood stream. A research group in Japan found that white mulberry leafs contain compound (called deoxynojirimycin or DNJ) that inhibits intestinal enzymes from passing sugar into the blood stream. Scientist in Japan has also pinpointed a number of other biological active compounds in extract of the mulberry leaf as being effective in suppressing the progression of arteriosclerosis , the build up of cholesterol 
rich plaque in human arteries.

Research also show that extract of mulberry leaf reduces cholesterol by half from the food we eat, helps increase insulin level and act as carbohydrate blocker. As such Mulberry tea is ideally used to give these health benefits:


2 cholesterol control ,

3.anti-hypertensive ,

4 anti-obesity,

5. Good for bones (due to high calcium) and

6 good for complexion (Vitamin A, B1, B2 and 16 amino acids).                 Above all, our mulberry tea is naturally sweet, fruity and great tasting.

Effects : anti-fever, sedative to calm the liver, improves vision, refrigerant.
Indications : colds, swelling and pain in the eyes, headache and coughs due to Wind-Heat
Dosage : 5 – 10gr
Packing : in cellophane bags of 75g and 1kg. Also available in tea bags 30gr

Mulberry Leaf (90 %) and Jasmine (10 %)  To reduce Blood pressure and support the heart.

Packing :cellophane bags of 50g and 1 kg, tea bags of 60 g

Mulberry Leaf (90 %) and Rose Leaf (10 %)  To relax and reduce tiredness.Packing :cellophane bag of 50 g and 1 kg, tea bags of 60 g 

Mulberry Spagyric Tinctures are packed in bottles of 30ml.

Dried Longan Tea and Tinctures

For the centuries, the dried fruits of the Longan trees, which are naturally a bit sweet, have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a daily herbal drink to calm the mind and to support the Heart and Spleen functions. It is indicated for Heart and Spleen deficiency, low Qi (energy) and Blood, marked by palpitations, insomnia and amnesia.

Effects : cardiotonic, sedative, blood tonic and digestive. It can be added to other herbal preparations and teas and be taken continuously for a long time.
TCM name : Gui Yuan Rou.
Dosage : 9 to 30gr.
Packing : in cellophane bags of 500gr The Longan Spagyric Tinctures are packed in bottles of 30ml.

Jiaogulan Tea and Tinctures

This health promoting Five Leaf Jiaogulan herb, better known as Immortality Tea by the Chinese, tastes naturally so sweet when we cut and dry it that no sugar needs to be added. It is a great anti-oxidant which has been vastly researched in China, the USA, Japan and Thailand. In these Asian countries, it is widely used as a daily “balancing” beverage because of its adaptogen qualities. Its benefits are listing improvements in heart functions, liver disease, blood pressure, bronchitis, reducing cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and strokes, and inhibiting cancer cell growth.

Japanese researchers discovered that the chemical components (Saponins) that make Ginseng effective are also present in Jiaogulan. While the most popular Ginseng has 28 Saponins, the most common Jiaogulan has 82 ! Studies on Ginseng, however, warn against high doses by children, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure. These issues do not exist with Jiaogulan because of its adaptogenic effects.


Jiaogulan Vine

Jiaogulan is a powerful Adaptogen which helps your body to regulate itself and to boost its energy levels. It is rumored to be the natural replacement for Ginseng because of its easy availability and thereby its very reasonable pricing.

Proceeds support the charity activities of the New Life Foundation, under the Patronage of H.R.H. The Princess Mother.

Chrysanthemum tea, honey and tinctures…

LONG TERM USE facilitates Qi + Blood, lightens the body + prevents aging. Chrysanthemum (with similar properties as Chamomile in Europe) has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to control Heart fire and calm Liver + respiratory problems, high blood pressure, hyperthyroid, angina, high cholesterol, fevers, to calm nerves, nourish skin from the inside, for chronic inflammation and cancer.
For blurred vision, headaches + dizziness, add Mulberry + Peppermint Leaf.
For red eyes, swelling + dry eye pain, add Gou Qi berry and Mulberry Leaf (which we also grow).
Dosage : 2–4 flowers per cup or 10 Flowers per liter of boiled water. Pour boiled water on the flowers to obtain best results. This tea is naturally sweet but you can add a touch of honey if you enjoy drinking it sweeter…
Packaging : The tea is packed in bags of 40gr. The Chrysanthemum flowers in honey are packed in glass bottles of 450ml.
The Chrysanthemum Spagyric Tinctures are packed in bottles of 30ml.

Jiaogulan Vine: Harvesting By-Hand


1. Jiaogulan Loose teaClear cellophane Square pack of 100gr .              Pricing for 1 or more contact us.

2. Jiaogulan Loose Tea (bulk packs of Leaves and Stems)

  • Cut Tea, Ground Tea, Powdered Tea
  • with free shipping for orders over 10 kilos.
  • Pricing for 1 or more contact us.

Please note that 1 kg = 2.2 lb

3. Organic Jiaogulan Capsules also known as PENTA Caps:
75mg Gypenosides per capsule.
Dosage : take 2 caps two or three times per day, with ample fluids, for those days when you have a big workload, or feel a little low, or you travel or do physical workouts, or you live or work in an unhealthy environment…
Packing 100 veggie capsules of 500 mg 
Pricing for 1 or more contact us.

Hospitals, doctors and traditional healers in China, Japan and Thailand prescribe Jiaogulan for the following reasons:

To regulate cholesterol
To regulate blood pressure
To improve circulation 
To reduce blood sugar
To stimulate liver functions
To strengthen the immune system
To strengthen the nervous system
To relax spasms
To increase stamina and endurance
To prevent heart attack and stroke
For its sedative effects
For chronic bronchitis

As a Cancer inhibitor


For payments, please use bank wire transfer or international check or money orders. 

Delivery : all orders should reach you within 10 days of order confirmation.

Thai International Postal Service orders of 10kg or less are shipped by Registered Thai Airmail. Delivery time is 10 to 15 working days. By using local postal services from country to country, customs can generally be avoided, as smaller packages are considered as samples or souvenirs.
International Couriers – for orders over 10 or 20kg, door to door Air service in 4 to 5 days.

Import Fees, Permits and Regulations

You are responsible for all taxes, duties and fees associated with importing product into your country. We will try to help you with this process by recommending a shipping solution based on order size and providing required documentation.
For residents of the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and all EC countries, Import Permits are required for all orders.
We supply the following import documents at your request:
· Phytosanitary Certificates (Phyto) from Thailand’s Department of Agriculture ~ $10 to $12 per order. 
· Certificate of Origin (CO) from Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce ~ $10 per order. 
· Copy of the Thai FDA registration approval : US$ or Euro 10 per order.
These documents may take 1 to 5 working days to process. Please allow for additional time to process your order.
Tea products may be subject to duty in many countries. 
We cannot be held responsible for products that do not arrive due to import restrictions or customs requirements. If your order is confiscated and destroyed you will receive a receipt from customs as proof of delivery that serves as conclusion of our contract.
If you wish to avoid importing costs, we can direct you to existing distributors in your area.

Invoice, Airway bills & Import Documentation

· Documentation for product to enter your country. Include necessary codes if   product needs to be encoded with a Tax or Duty Code specific to a given product. 
· Phytosanitary Certificate 
· Certificate of Origin 
· Thailand Organic Certification 
· Other documents as required, etc…

What do you need? 
When shipping herbs, they are sometimes classified as herbs or dried vegetable product to legally avoid costly tea taxes in some countries. Just tell us your documentation requirements.


Proceeds support the charity activities of the New Life Foundation, under the Patronage of H.R.H. The Princess Mother.

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