Today, we learned so many wonderful hands-on methods and uses to benefit even more from Medicinal Mushrooms in their Liquid and Solid state, for short and longterm use, their lifecycle and their role in nature.
During the past 3 years, I have benefited so much from the organic Myco Medicinal Mushroom drinks made by ANKUT and now I have gone back to school to learn more about it.
With such great teachers, we can learn so much in just a few days…
And now I can drink their delicious Enliven Ginger Ales with even more background knowledge.
Can we grow MM by ourselves at home or not? Yes we can, now….
Really? Yes, but it takes some time and patience. We even learned how to prepare and make a Petri Dish in a very different but very practical way…
Is it safe to do that at home? Oh yes, if you follow directives and remember that more is not always better…
What else can we do with MM?
Making your own, natural vitamin D2,
Mixing dried MM with food, like making vegetarian Alfredo mashed potatoes which are super yummy,
or making ice cream (using coconut milk),
or desserts with an MM that already smells like cacao,
or MM chocolate bars,
or a delicious Ginger Ale to perk you up…
Any way to help you and your family absorb MM benefits to make you healthy and strong, long term…
SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS are so delicious, very rich in vitamin B3 and my favorite mushrooms.
If you want to add vitamin D2 as well, you do the following.
Cut the stems of the mushrooms, put them on a tray with the gills up, in the sun between 11 and 3, then prepare and eat as usual.
You could also eat half and dry the other half completely for several days and then grind them into powder which you can add to all your foods as an extra seasoning and natural vitamins…