Back in 1999, my husband and I moved from Bangkok to Berkeley, California, we were looking for a better life to start our own family. We believed that with our hard work mindset, we could live our own dream called Jasmine Thai Cuisine. As a sign of success, we were thrilled to see customers waiting in long line to get lunch every day. And more important, we enjoyed spending more time with our children, while making enough money to live comfortably.

We thought everything was perfect, our business, our house, our cars, our favorite winter vacations, favorite toys and gadgets, and our favorite foods. On the other hand, mortgage loans, health insurance, taxes and all sorts of bills, were attacking us all over. Just like most Americans in that time, we had to work even harder and harder every day.

We did not think or care much about our health because we were told to trust the healthcare system. We couldn’t stop working when we were sick or worst yet, our children neither as they were helping us…

Since their birth, I’d taken many medicines that’d been told to protect them and myself. Like the one that induced their delivery and the peridural in the spine for my Caesarean section while, fetus and mom had their own heart monitoring screens next to the bed. A few seconds right after they were born, they’d got some gel on their eyes then a few shots of protective liquid under their delicate skin.

We did our best with the knowledge we had at that time. We produced and stored our frozen breast milk many times at our Jasmine Thai restaurant.  All BPA-free plastic and glass bottles were sanitized in the dishwasher with powerful soaps. And ourselves as professional restaurant operators, sanitizing everything was the norm.

Doctor visits for our children were just like a breeze, pediatricians were always nice. They gave us a lot of useful information how to take care of our children. That was great because our parents were in Thailand, on the other side of the planet. By the end of each visiting session, they always offered us the protective liquid (vaccinations) to our children, and it was free too. We never thought how dangerous we were living while spending time with children was the greatest thing in our life. Our family health depended only on medications.

One day, I started to feel something in my heart. It sometimes had unusual beats. My husband always felt tired and got sick very easily. My older boy was the center point because he had eczema, hard time breathing at night, stomach flu every year, no appetite.

On the other hand, our younger boy was very strong and had a happy life like the other kids. We lived our hopeless life like this for a decade. Then a big news came across the world that would change our family life forever.

While we were struggling on our health issues, bigger things to think came across the world. One typical night, I received a phone call from my mother just like she would call for casual talk. But this call was different, her tone was more serious. In that conversation, I learned that my mother who lived far away in Thailand was standing on the thread and needed advice from her loved ones.

After talking one hour, I felt blank and soon many questions and concerns were pouring on me. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 69. She needed to have an operation to get rid of the lime size tumor in her intestine as soon as possible. Then the chemotherapy would be continued after that. I sat down to talk with my husband about the plan to make sure my mother would suffer as little as possible. We needed to calm ourselves and move on to the next step for the best and for her health.

‘Natural healing or chemotherapy, a serious and challenge decision for modern life.’

Her poor condition helped us open our minds to look for alternative healings because we were concerned about her condition with her age and existing health issues and also the side effects of Chemo and drugs. So we took time to search for alternatives, natural healing and we found medicinal mushrooms.

Mushrooms for cancer ? how could it be?  That was in our mind in that stressful situation.  We thought the same as everyone, mushrooms are only food, right?  We never have any other idea than this because we learned that mushroom, were fungi and mold that could kill us. We searched more and found many articles in Thai from Prof. Dr. Anon Auetragul online, a UN Mushroom expert. On his website we gathered tons of information about medicinal mushrooms and how mushrooms could be medicine for human beings and for every life on this planet.  In the meantime, we also got information from people around us, many of their loved ones can live healthy by controling their diet along with natural healing and without any Chemo.

On the other side, we also saw many cases of Chemo side effects on cancer patients, including our neighbor. In the end, we felt more confident about our decision.

While my mom was in the process of getting ready for the operation, we studied Prof. Dr. Anon ‘s research website. We saw a clear picture of how medicinal mushrooms work with cancer.  It’s totally easy and so truly natural. It just boosts your immunity so your body can fight with cancer cells.

Is it that simple? YES, it’s so simple.  So I decided to try medicinal mushrooms, to see how it works with my mother. I asked her to go back in time when I lived with her for dietary control. She could recall many types of foods to take.  Every time I called her, I could feel her voice getting better and better. She regained Her immunity back to even better than before. Many people around also noticed that she looked stronger than a decade prior. All in all, years later, she showed no sign of jetlag or other weaknesses like she always had after coming to visit us.

That was another great moment for my lifetime to see her become stronger and be a better person from whatever lesson she will learn from this new life.

The good moment is coming to me, I said to myself. Then I started to look back to our own family again.                          Curtain opening, we were seeing more perspective of our life and health. There are more choices for us.                               We didn’t need to walk inside the small beautiful cage anymore.

My oldest son was our first priority at that time. But wait, there was one more important thing to do first, getting rid of Trash!  My husband and I spent one afternoon cleansing our home’s stomach, the kitchen. We read every bottle and package’s labels, making sure that nothing that harms us can be kept. This included all the medications inside the cabinet except one thing, ‘pain killer’! It was the only bottle that my husband couldn’t live without for a long time. Later on, he would be able to understand and get rid of them as well.

After we had cleansed our family’s stomach, it was time for our oldest son. He tried the medicinal mushrooms and everyone was excited to see the result. Was it fabulous? Wrong! We didn’t get the result that we hoped for. Maybe he didn’t take long enough? We were confused. Why did he still have eczema like before?

At the moment, my husband reminded me that we still have another form of medicinal mushrooms to try, the Liquid Mushroom formula! Dr.Anon called them Medicinal Mushroom Enzymes. It tasted just like vinegar with an earthy tone added. Both of them diluted it with water and honey, and drank it every morning.

By the end of the second week, I asked my husband if he felt any noticeable difference. He looked down to his right leg. “Wow, my wound has less inflammation, no more swollen in the area.”, he said. I rushed to my older son right after. He, too, had noticeably less inflammation on his whole body. The deep cut wounds-like on his fingers were getting better, that’s what I could see.

That was the first time that we could see new hope for the family.  We kept taking the medicinal mushroom enzymes until it’s gone from our stock. We then contacted Dr.Anon for the next shipment. He rejected our request. Instead, he told us to go out to the forest or buy them online and make the enzymes ourselves at home. Now, I could see ourselves walking around the perimeter. There were lots of our scattered footsteps inside.

Next spring, my husband and I revised what happened to our life for the past year. We gathered all the memories we could.  Many things happened throughout the year but most significant was our son’s health. Last winter was the first time in our older son’s life that he stayed in school without 2-weeks sick leave. He no longer had to wake up in the middle of the night because of his breathing issues. Thus, our life learning progress and mushroom enzymes had been established.

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