After selling the organic Mandarin Oranges and juice, Khun Suparp Aubpathu didn’t take the money to go out and travel.
She takes the money back to restore her big farm.
Keeps going like this, can’t stop because her heart is calling for it.
Orange 🍊🍊
rambutan 🍒🍒
jackfruit 🍑🍑
are waiting.
She is willing to be tired.
Does not buy an expensive car to drive because she wants to use the money to invest in gardening, to be a safe food producer and create stability and wealth for Thailand. End the drama. Haha.
She has not posted much lately. Busy days 💝💝💝
But I am happy to do this posting for Khun Suparp Aubpathu because we eat her organic fruits every day…
Don’t you want the best foods for yourself and your loved ones?
Please order directly from her for delivery all over Thailand!!!

They may not look so beautiful because they are not “waxed” with colour, but taste great……

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