ABET Graduates and Teachers, class of 2023.10
Scholarship  donations in Chiangdao, Chiangmai province
visiting a Thai herbal market. Look at those powerful roots…
7 WEEKS OF INTENSIVE ABET TRAINING (Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy), at 6 days per week.
Our holistic ABET Training and Practicing based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was completed on 1Dec2023.
Apart from the theoretical knowledge, the body, mind and spirit were also developed in a very practical hands-on way.
This intensive training included Outreach activities and trips to help see people’s lives in various social village contexts, including donating 40 scholarships to young female students to keep them in school and motivated and joining a Temple Fair with our healing hands…
The ABET students’ body and mind were treated and monitored every day for health status.
One student loosing 7 Kgs in 7 weeks is more than amazing and proves how hard he worked.
We heard different healing crisis energies, we used our brain and then waited for our inner voice to answer.
Now the time has come to use this knowledge to take care of yourself and your loved ones.
Begin every day with love and kindness especially to yourself.
Congratulations for this well deserved achievement.
Thank you students and teachers for your hard work…