BIOCHAR will drastically reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, reduce greenhouse gasses, increase crop growth, reduce water usage, and much more!
We mix Biochar with our organic Pyramid compost to obtain a fabulous formula for our garden…
Biochar is created from a low to no oxygen burn (thermal conversion) of biomass under intense pressure returning it to organic carbon.
Biochar is typically a fine grained product high in organic compounds and is highly resistant to decomposition. As a soil amendment, biochar can help sequester CO2 as well as nitrous oxide, absorbing it into the soil acting as what is called a “Carbon Sink” greatly reducing greenhouse gases globally.
In addition biochar has been proven to decrease the acidity of the Earth’s soil. It greatly reduces the need for commercial fertilizers while absorbing up to 30% more water. As result, biochar has been proven to help crop yields increase by as much as 80-400%.
Biochar is also carbon negative, meaning that the creation of biochar actually reverses the greenhouse gas problem that the world is facing. By using the waste from agriculture and even municipal waste from you and I to create our product, it is expected that we will reduce the waste going to landfills by 30%.
In addition biochar will sequester and store CO2 from the atmosphere for hundreds or even thousands of years reducing the net amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere thus making it carbon negative.
In a nutshell, biochar’s pure carbon has several uses from fertilizer to filtration, reducing the world’s waste while providing some astounding benefits.
And these are just the gardening applications, naaa

CHARCOAL Charcoal comes from burning carbon-rich material, such as wood, to produce a fine, black substance.
Manufacturers then treat the charcoal to make it more porous. Increasing its surface area in this way allows more substances to bind to it. This treatment is what makes the charcoal “ACTIVATED”
The next stage of manufacturing involves making the powder into a beverage.

Kidney health : filtering out undigested toxins and drugs.
Disrupt intestinal gas
As a natural Water filtration.
Diarrhea : as a gastrointestinal absorbent.
Teeth whitening and oral health.
Skin care : dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria, to the surface of the skin, which makes removing them easier.
Skin infection : absorbing harmful microbes from wounds.
Deodorant : absorb smells and harmful gases
Other uses for activated charcoal include:
protecting against harmful organic vapors in workplaces
removing heavy metals from drinking water
removing excess phosphorus from the blood of people who have chronic kidney disease
MEDICAL USES of activated charcoal in the emergency room are to treat overdoses or poisonings and drugs but not able to help clear alcohols, iron, lithium, lye, and petroleum products.