Have you ever heard that Chiang Mai(CM) is a healing city?
If you agreed with this definition, why? Is it a pure luck or it has always been designed this way?
Today, I got a surprise finding that might help explaining this.
Thais believe that a city is a living person with an actual birthday which bring forward certain traits of characteristics and personalities. Most things are female for Thais, like rivers, boats, and so does a city.
So if CM is a woman, what kind of a woman would she be?
From the history, CM was “born” on the 12th of April 1296 at 4:38am.
King Ngam Mueang of Phayao, one of the kings who built CM – a brilliant astrologist, specifically chose this date and time to ensure that CM has certain personalities and characteristics.
So I decided to put CM’s birthday into a horoscope software with a help of my astrologist friend, let’s find out who she really is.
After reading her horoscope, she was born to be a healer with a soul of an artist, love of freedom, highly spiritual, a non-materialistic person, welcoming changes, who has a gift to be able to appreciate the most subtle emotions and feelings.
Hence, CM attracts like minded-people with good intuition who can understand spiritual matters.
Anything to do with art and culture will flourish here.
No doubt that she draws people from around the world into this city who want to find peace and discover their intrinsic self.
Because she is the earth element in astrology, agricultural activities will flourish if it co-existing with nature, to be successful here, one must support its people and the community, put people before profit.
The city was built as urban forest, attached to a huge national park on the west.
Originally CM was an animism land in which they strongly believe in living in harmony with nature, living by it, not controlling it. The most important finding is that CM was built to provide a place for everyone to find the meaning of cooperation with great spiritual growth.
In summary, Chiang Mai was designed to be a spiritual city right from the beginning. So if you are spiritual person, you will thrive here.
Enjoy your stay 🙂