Chronic Pain and Your Immunity 7 March 2024
You cannot separate chronic pain and your immunity Chronic pain is when you experience constant or regular body pain. It could be anywhere, in any system of the body. and it could wander. This is different from acute pain, which will be as a result of an injury, a bite, a burn, etc.
Having said that, when an acute condition is severe and it isn’t dealt with dynamically, it can become chronic.
Not only is chronic pain and your immunity linked, so too is toxicity.
Your Immune System
Your immune system was designed to work perfectly in keeping you in a state of robust health, avoiding ill health. On the rare occasions you did fall foul of something that affected you, it would have been of short duration and mild.
However, humans have, largely unknowingly, put a spanner in the healthy workings of the immune system.
Instead of listening to our own inner wisdom and guidance, we have abandoned our sovereign ability to care for ourselves. Instead we listen to ‘experts’.
Everyone has an area that they know a lot about. It can come from education. However, that education must also confirm the ability of seeing it in evidence. And it must make sense.
It must also sit well with the consciousness of the educator and the student.
Sadly, so many ‘experts’ advice does neither of these.
Instead, they just clamour all the louder. And get influential jobs, making out they know more than anyone else.
It has lead us down a dangerous path.
It’s always advisable to look at every angle, every ‘expert’ then make up your own mind on what to do based on how you feel about the information. Use your feelings rather than just your brain.
Returning the Health of Your Immune System
There are many ways to return the health of your immunity.
The three most critical ones include:
1. eat a diet right for your species
2. exercise regularly, but not necessarily always strenuously – just walking gets everything flowing nicely
3. get regular and natural sleep – 8 hours is considered generally normal but is more an average.
4. The fourth area that can be easy for some, not so easy for others : to think positively and limit exposure to negativity.
That can mean limiting your time on social and other media.
Bad news sells more than good news.
Constant bad news leads to fear, a lack of ability to think critically, disempowerment and dependence.
None of this is healthy.
Or natural.
It deeply affects the gut, one of the major areas you find the immune system.
When someone is unhappy a lot of the time, it always leads to physical conditions – pain, limitation of use, etc.
Just treating the pain or the limitations without dealing with the seat of the problem, the unhappiness, can bring temporary relief, but at the expense of chronic conditions that often end up fatal.
Physical conditions ALWAYS follow the suppression, or lack, of resolution of the dynamic effects of the patient.
It’s a natural, immutable law.
Returning the health of your immune system is NOT a quick fix.
It’s quite likely that you’ll feel disappointed at the slow progress.
Keep in mind how long you’ve been doing the opposite, to give you some perspective.
Keeping your immune system healthy should be a priority for your life.
Toxins, Chronic Pain and Your immunity
While toxins abound in the current world, there are ways to limit your exposure.
Some of the most important toxic areas include:
1. chemically farmed food – go organic
2. mainstream and bottled water – go structured water
3. plastic containers – go glass
4. personal care products – go natural, safe and preferably cruelty-free
5. household cleaners, garden chemicals – go natural
6. medical drugs. This last item can be one of the worst especially if you take it regularly.
Not only can good homeopathic treatment heal your condition naturally, without suppression or side effects, it also automatically starts the de-tox process.
It automatically works to restore the health of your immune system.
Roll of drums please!
Take your chronic pain and your immunity seriously.
Instead of ignoring them or suppressing them, empower yourself with what you are able to do, and get the right sort of help with what you can’t manage.
Madeleine Innocent
Two Legs And Four Holistic Health