On 18 March in the early morning, the village headman and his wife Lingjon from the New Life Foundation village in Lee (3 hours drive one way), came to bring 3 cartons of their delicious Longan Honey.
I gave them 5 liters of Citronella Hydrosol (HY) for Hydrotherapy footbaths of the villagers. Khun Lingjon told me that since our last visit in 2023, the villagers have come to ask her for the HY because these footbaths make them feel and sleep better. These 5 Liters should go a longggg way… because we only use 2 small caps for a big footbath with this concentrated herbal Hydrosol !
The next 5 liters will go to the villagers of the New Life Foundation in Chiangdao…
Then on 19 March, another big bottle of Citronella HY for footbaths went to Maekhanintai where we give at least once a month free Reiki sessions to the senior citizens who loooove these Hydrotherapy Footbaths as well.
On Thursday 21 March, we donated another 5 Liter bottle to Mae Horm from our village who has been using and promoting these Hydrotherapy footbaths to her neighbours for several years already…
Have a look at these pictures of last year’s visit to Lee and Chiangdao where we introduced this Hydrotherapy with Thai herbs and donated over 200 bottles of 120ml of Lemongrass HY to each senior in each village to motivate them to continue this Hydrotherapy at their homes…
1. Relaxing
2. Reduce fatigue. after you work or walk a long time.
3. Calm the mind and improve sleep quality. Like a meditation… “Your feet are your second heart”.
4. Detox your body.
5. Lower/regulate blood pressure.
6. Improve skin condition and beauty.
7. Strengthen muscles and bones.
8. Ease aches and pains.
9. Activate blood and Qi circulation.
10. Relieve your body’s energy obstructions 😊 pain).
11. Disperse blood clots, especially in the legs.
12. Reduce inflammation and swelling.
13. Remove pus and toxins.
Thank you Ajarns Sasitorn Chaiprasiti and Mayuree Kuraoka for constructing your new Holistic Dental Care Center in Chiangmai and donating so many Citronella plants which you had to remove kha.
They are being put to good use as we cut the leaves for distillation and replanted the roots in our garden.
NewLife Foundation village headwoman Linjong and her husband, receiving a 5 Liter bottle of Citronella Hy for Hydrotherapy footbaths…
This is how we showed the villagers how to use the footbaths IN 2023.
This lady really cherished the free bottle of Lemongrass Hydrosol we gave her in July 2023.
A big bottle of Citronella Hy donated to the Maekhanintai village headwoman
These 5 Liters of Citronella HY is given to Horm who has introduced and promoted Hydrosol footbaths in our Nampreh village
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