MANDARIN ORANGES : every year, I look forward to the orange season in Chiangmai again.
Especially those delicious, organic, sweet and sour organic oranges which Khun Suparp Aubpathu is growing with great love in Fang. Have a look at her FB page (even though it is in Thai).
Oh, and I forgot to mention the freshly squeezed orange juice Khun Suparp sells at the Farang market on Saturday mornings.
When I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2001, I was so surprised to discover the therapeutic benefits of the dried Orange Peels because they can promote energy flow (read: circulation), stop vomiting, dry sticky dampness of your body fluids, resolve phlegm, etc.
I learned to make a simple digestive Ginger tea with 3-5 pieces of dried and stirfried orange peel (without oil).
Looking at Aromatherapy, you will find that the essential oil of oranges relieves pain, calms the mind to help promote sleep, and much more…
Hoping that you like the following background info as well.
9 Health Benefits of Oranges Backed By Science
9 Health Benefits of Oranges Backed By Science
The orange is both a literal and symbolic embodiment of the sun, from w