One of the oh-so-many myths that plague human society, especially in the west, is that you need to have a medical team to have a baby.

Funnily enough, long before there was any idea of medicine, mothers were happily giving birth perfectly well. We didn’t die out.

The myth is just one of the many ways to frighten people into doing what someone else wants you to do. I like Naomi Wolfe’s term of ‘fear porn’.

Taking the power away from mothers makes them more dependent, more compliant. And that can so easily lead to depression and unhappy babies. They lose touch with their inner core, their heart, their feelings, their spirit. Of course they’re depressed. So is anyone who does that.

Homeopathy is so helpful in pregnancy and childbirth and many natural midwives use homeopathy. Homeopathic treatment during the pregnancy can resolve any problems, including genetic inheritances.

Self help in the form of Miranda Castro’s book Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Birth is also a wonderful resource.

There are many organisations, such as The Gentle Birth Method, that promote natural birthing, but not many talk about birthing in the sea with dolphins.

The video below was taken in South Africa. The dolphins were creating a turbine in the water as the whale was birthing. (The strange title clearly didn’t understand what was going on.)

Dolphins do this with humans as well, When pregnant women go into the water to give birth, dolphins immediately sense the labour and come up and swirl around the woman and create a beautiful vortex for the woman while she gives birth.  This process is much less painful for the mother.

Some babies born this way were observed throughout their lifetime and research indicated that they were more intelligent, more intuitive, and better adjusted.