GMO food products are now called BE which stands for Bio-Engineered products?
Barbara O’Neil says : GMO or Genetically Modified Foods create molecules that the body does not know. GMO foods can temper with your DNA. GMO foods cause cancer.
What is cancer? Cancer is a mutation of the cells
What causes the mutation of the cells? the mutation in the DNA.
Yes GMO foods can do that…
How do you know GMO Foods? In America, Australia and NZ, manufacturers are not required to state that food is GMO.
So, the safest thing to do is to eat organic. Do the best you can.
Grow food and buy as much organic as you can.
Have a look at these products…
Zulia Frost

This is a very good reminder! Cook your own meal from real food that is fresh, local and organic (bio), do not use any canned food. Do not reheat it in a microwave, can use an air-fryer instead and lastly, eat every day different food. This is a very least you can do to help yourself… above all, do not be lazy 😉.