Essential Oils (EOs) can help that much…

13 Dec 2022

Terry Friedman, in his book, Freedom Through Health tells us that raising our vibrational frequency helps to “restore health to the body, clarity to the mind and attunement to the spirit.”

By applying an essential oil with a particular frequency to the human body, the oil’s higher frequency will raise its vibratory quality.

When several oils are blended together, each having a different MHz frequency, the blend’s frequency may be higher or lower than the various components.  Their therapeutic properties create special vibrational remedies capable of healing or rebalancing the body/mind/soul/spirit.

And because each oil has a specific frequency, and our organs and body systems and the nutrients needed to maintain optimum health each have their own specific frequencies, the oil’s electrical affinity to these components of our bodies will support these organs and body systems, and the assimilation of nutrients.

Essential oils with higher frequency influence the emotions.

EOs in lower frequencies effect more structural and physical changes, like cells, hormones, bones, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

EOs don’t resonate with our body toxins and this incompatibility helps to eliminate the toxins from our systems.

Neither do they resonate with negative emotions.

So EOs can help dislodge forgotten traumas by surfacing them in our consciousness where we can deal with them and let them go.

“Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungi cannot live.

I believe that the chemistry and frequencies of essential oils can help man maintain the optimal frequency so that disease cannot exist.”

The beauty of using therapeutic grade essential oils to restore healthy vibrational frequencies to the body is that they are:

Affordable Accessible Effective Versatile : Essential oils offer us a natural way to restore our body’s healthy electromagnetic vibrational frequency.
Their holism allows for easy functionality in our daily lives.