If you want to feel well, think clearly and successfully adapt to your internal and external environments, you should be very aware about your food and learn how to combine good foods because your health and your diet have such an important connection with each other.
In the West, medicine is eaten like food.
In Asia, food is eaten as medicine.
Unfortunately knowing what to do is often not enough… and doing what we know often seems very difficult when it comes to eating right…
The most common health problems related to food are :
1. ICY OR COLD DRINKS and not enough of plain water.
Fruit juices are great but they cannot replace the body’s needs for plain and good water at room temperature.
2, MICROWAVED FOOS : when your food has zero energy value, your body still needs to use energy to digest it… No wonder you feel tired after eating.
3.1 Quantity of food : Too much processed salt (as compared to unprocessed salt which is still ‘whole’). Processed salt is added as an embellishment to new food products like potato chips…
3.2 MSG and other taste enhancers in fast foods and most street foods (called Pong Churot or Lotdee in Thai).
3.3 Dairy products : cow milk is really for cow babies and not really suitable for humans.
3.4 Overly processed foods because economy and convenience are more important than home made flavor. This also implies an escalation to stronger, less subtle flavors.
3.5 Carbonated (soda) drinks which are diuretic (=depleting your body’s fluids) and which usually contain sugar, caffeine or other stimulants.
3.6 Sweets and sweetened drinks. Some think it is better to eat or drink something sweet when they are tired. This causes more cravings for sensual treats.
3.7 Too much meats which are loaded with chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics etc.
3.8 Too much alcohol which heats and dries body fluids…
4.1 Protein. There is no balance with other nutritive minerals and vitamins.
4.2 Fresh fruits and sun-ripened fruits 😊 more enzymes).
4.3 Vegetables. There is a strong dislike of green + yellow vegs, especially in young children.
4.4 Absence of raw nuts in the diets (unaltered, unprepared, unroasted, unsalted)
5.1 Water : drink only room temperature/warm drinks (no soda), especially early morning
5.2 Replace sugar with raw honey and sun-ripened fruits
5.3 No fruits with food except ripe pineapple or papaya
5.4 Eat mainly home cooked food (reasonable quantities), and as little meat as possible
5.5. Use real sea salt (not processed table salts)
5.6. No MSG in your food at all
5.7. Eat more proteins : Spirulina has 60%+ proteins, organic eggs)
5.8 Eat more (organic) vegetables
5.9 Eat a handful of nuts per day
5.10 No microwaved foods
5.11 Do intermittent fasting : do not eat for at least 12hrs after early dinner (latest at 6pm) and breakfast (7 – 9a.m.)
A balanced diet should have : 10 to 15% meats, 40% grains, 30 to 40% vegetables, and 10% fruits and nuts.
Many CHRONIC health conditions can be improved by these simple changes in your food habits.
Practical : what happens if you do not want to adjust your food?
  • Pain here and there (nothing to do with aging)
  • Tired all the time (especially after food).
  • Restless sleep, waking up tired
  • Joint pains all over the body but especially the knees and feet.
  • and much more…
When eating processed foods, especially those instant food products, flavor and convenience seem to be more important than nutrition and the balance of nutritional elements. with little consideration for proteins or (high) sodium they contain.
Do you know that 70% of instant foods is consumed by young people (10s + 20s)?
And this pattern is also related to the large and growing number of youngsters who are weak, overweight, and more prone to broken bones, asthma, diabetes and aggressive behaviour…
Furthermore, when stress and an unbalanced diet occur together, then sodium is taken IN while calcium is taken OUT from the cells.
If you also live a stressful life and continue to eat as much over-salted, over-sugared and over MSG-ed food, the body’s defense mechanisms will be weakened and the immune system does not work so well.
Please don’t stress your kids at home for the best school grades. They already get enough peer pressure in school.
This will affect their digestion and sleep.
For patients with such bad eating habits, we suggest that they add SPIRULINA (SPL) to their diet to help them balance their food better because this natural microscopic blue-green algae, can turn sunlight into life-energy.
This Superfood (with 60%+ natural proteins) contains important vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, which are missing in many foods today.
That is why it is sometimes referred to as Manna from Heaven…
You will find this wonderful product in many drugstores and health food shops in town. I like the GD-1 brand which is cultivated here in Chiangmai… GD stands for Green Diamond…
Use your food to reduce genetic influence running in your family.
Use your food for a better quality of life, irrespective of your age.
Research has unlocked the secrets of longevity… they are not based in genetics, but in nutrition. The data shows that growing older does NOT have to mean growing weaker, sicker, and waking up feeling miserable– no matter what illnesses run in your family.
Change the bad lifestyle habits like cold drinks, MSG, too much sugar, alcohol and meat… It is not too late!