5-Day Rejuvenating Retreat in ChiangMai, by Alan To from Hongkong  27 September 2023
Connecting with Asian Healing Arts Center (AHAC) in Chiang Mai (https://asianhealingartscenter.com) has been a journey that started eight years ago when I accompanied Carmen to learn about Aromatherapy and more specifically about its essential oil and essential floral water production (it was also the starting point for me to become an aromatherapist today).
The first time I came here, I could already feel the unique energy that made me feel relaxed and joyful.
The two founders and instructors, Cory, a Belgian who has lived in Thailand for over 40 years, and Amporn, an environmentalist and social entrepreneur whom I greatly admire, have become friends over the years.
Because the whole experience was so wonderful, in 2018, we brought Carmen’s family to learn as well.
At that time, we also discovered that they taught Reiki, a natural therapy that uses universal energy.
We had encountered Reiki over 20 years ago, so it was a great opportunity to experience it again.
This year, I faced an unprecedented burnout, both physically and mentally.
Originally, I planned to visit Amporn and Cory in Chiang Mai to simply relax and volunteer in a village they had previously introduced. But a week before going to Chiang Mai, I tested positive for COVID-19 during my break.
During my rest period, Carmen watched an interview with Xu Tianyou talking about Reiki.
The next day, after watching that segment again, I realized that I could delve deeper into learning Reiki during my trip to Chiang Mai and hopefully recharge my energy.
As a result, over the past few days, we have undergone Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy (ABET) which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (without the needles).  Amporn used the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test to understand which parts of our bodies had weak energy or imbalances, which parts are better balanced, as well as how to improve the energy of the weakened organs.
By doing a few sessions with Amporn who transferred energy to me, by doing Tibetan Breathing daily and by receiving energy from nature, we can enhance our energy.
The whole process has been amazing.
We also applied magnetic acu patches to the weak areas until we felt a tingling sensation.
We also learned Reiki 1 and 2, received attunements and practiced a lot on ourselves first…
We practiced helping others, with Amporn taking us to the village to provide free Reiki sessions for the villagers.
The headaches that troubled me for years and the nausea I experienced for the past six months appeared on the second and third days, but Amporn performed an Aura Cleansing for me, clearing the negative energy in my brain and body, and afterwards, I felt so much better…
During these few days, we also experienced traditional Thai Bamboo sauna whereby charcoal is burned under a bamboo bed, and various herbs with healing effects are placed on the bed. We lie down on the bed, experiencing the soothing warmth from the heated herbs as well as receiving Reiki at the same time. It’s really enjoyable!
Amporn also introduced us to her Reiki student assistant, Lek, who is humble professional healing massage therapist.  She provided targeted healing massages for me and Carmen.
I also had the opportunity to learn massage techniques for women’s health so that I can occasionally help Carmen.
In addition, Cory and Amporn introduced us to their friends, Jina and Tik, who are experts in medicinal mushrooms.
We had an enthusiastic conversation that lasted 2.5 hours instead of the planned one hour.
They also offered us their healthy Ginger Ale drinks fermented with mushrooms.
Jina and Tik have started giving workshops at the AHAC center to share their knowledge.
Furthermore, we met Carmen, an American who received Reiki treatment from us.
Her son set up a vegetable garden in a low-income area of New York, aiming to provide fresh vegetables for the local residents for free, improve their health, and organize workshops for the school.
We also mentioned our Aromafunapy project at Fragrant Joy Garden to her, hoping to have the opportunity to visit each other and learn. In just a short half-hour encounter, we made amazing friends from the other side of the world.
Amporn said it was destiny that we met at this time and place.
Cory has planted many different Thai and Asian herbs in the AHAC organic farm, including Lingzhi (Reishi) and other mushrooms. Years ago, she learned Traditional Chinese Medicine and used Chinese herbs, and other ingredients to create many medicinal products such as essential oils, floral waters (hydrosols), and extracts.
She was very excited to show us her treasure trove.
Over 40 years ago, Cory held an important position at the Belgian Embassy in Thailand, and later managed a multinational pharmaceutical company (Cory’s story could fill a book).
I briefly shared my current challenging situation with her, and she provided me with valuable advice on how to face and handle it. She emphasized the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and finding balance in life.
She also encouraged me to continue exploring energy healing modalities and to trust my intuition.
Overall, the 5-day retreat at the Asian Healing Arts Center in Chiang Mai has been a transformative experience.
It provided the opportunity to learn and practice Reiki, explore Asian healing arts, and connect with like-minded individuals. The combination of energy work, therapeutic treatments, and the peaceful surroundings of the center has helped me regain my energy and find a sense of inner peace.
I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained during this retreat, and I look forward to incorporating them into my daily life and sharing them with others.
This experience has reinforced my belief in the power of holistic healing and the importance of taking care of our body, mind, and spirit.
If you’re considering a similar retreat, I highly recommend exploring the offerings at the Asian Healing Arts Center in Chiang Mai. The center provides a nurturing and supportive environment for personal growth and healing, and the instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about what they do.
Whether you’re looking to learn Reiki, explore traditional healing modalities, or simply relax and rejuvenate, this retreat can be a transformative experience.
Thank you very much Amporn Boontan and Cory Croymans!
Glorious food to soothe the body and mind…
The Golden Teak house where we stayed
The Herbal Sauna bamboo bed. The barbecue pots are hidden underneath. This bed was wide enough to accommodate both Carmen and myself at the same time. Did you see us under the colourful cloths?