I remember some 50 years ago, when my father was told by his doctor to eat Margarine instead of real butter to lower his cholesterol etc. Fortunately, that did not last very long as my father enjoyed the good foods even though it was so much easier to spread that fake butter with a fancy name, on breads and toasts…
May be an image of text that says "MARGARINE is one molecule away from plastic and shares 27 ingredients with paint. Bon appetit! DavidAvocadoWolfe"
MODERN VEGETABLE/SEED OILS are 1 step away from margarine which is one step away from plastic…
hint-hint, don’t buy “liquid plastic” in plastic bottles any more 🛑
Same goes to the “milk” concoctions in cartons, tubs and cans modern marketers convinced us to call “milk”, “condensed milk”, “creamers” and other misleading names stolen from real foods.
Butter has 1 ingredient: cream.
“Butter” may contain Frankenstein isolated milk particles and vegetable oils (aka margarine). Read labels carefully to buy real foods, not toxic industrial fake substitute products.
Stay with traditional fats both plant 🌱 and animal 🧈 not to turn into plastic yourself 😜