Our bodies are wonderful reflectors of our beliefs.
Ancient wisdom and holistic health care understand this.
It means that everything starts in the mind, the consciousness.
When the emotional and mental symptoms are ignored, then the body takes on the burden. The symptoms are an expression of the body trying to balance itself with the disharmony.
Your body is showing you that there is a disharmony. Physical problems are only the effect of something much deeper. Focusing on them will never get rid of the cause. To truly heal any physical problem, you need to look deeper.
A belief is simply a thought you keep thinking – maybe for decades if you’re old enough! We all have them, and many do not serve us well. They usually come from our parents, our culture, our religion, our peers, our school, etc. In other words, our environment.
However, many of the people who influenced you enough to make it a belief, were in fact only showing their own belief, which has nothing to do with you.
Much of it is unintentional or said with the best of intentions. For example, I know of a teenage girl who lost all her confidence when a coach tried to push her to do the things he felt she was capable of doing. This isn’t a temporary loss of confidence. It happened years ago; she’s becoming less confident each passing year.
Other examples might include:
‘you can’t do that’, ‘you’re not clever enough’
‘you’re too fat/thin’, ‘you’ll never achieve that’
‘that’s pie in the sky’
I’m sure you can think of countless more examples.
The fact is that no-one knows your potential. Probably, not even you. It’s worth remembering that Einstein was terrible at school, yet he’s taken the scientific world in a brand new direction.
So BE RESPECTFUL of your body. Be happy with it. Appreciate what it is trying to do, what it is trying to tell you. And cut it some slack. Look deeper for the causes. Don’t just try to cover them up with drugs. Get holistic help to support you on your journey to better health.
written by : Two Legs And Four Holistic Health
– parent of Perth Homeopath, Natural Cat Health, Natural Dogs Health, Natural Horses Health, Healthy Eating For Weight Loss, Natural Pain Management