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Spirulina is not a medicine, not a supplement,                

Spirulina is nature’s richest whole-food source…                             

… more than meat and vegetables…

Fact nr 1 … of Vitamin B-12 to nourish the nervous system and prevent anemia. Spirulina contains vitamin B 12 which is generally available in meat only. Not in plants. Vitamin B12 will help to produce red blood cells and nourish the nervous system. Help neurological acid. It can fix or create DNA. Vegetarians Don’t eat meat, they easily lack vitamin B 12 unless they take spirulina seaweed.
In the structure of vitamin B1, there is also chromium elements, which makes the function of insulin metabolism of sugar. In the structure of vitamin B1, there is also chromium elements, which makes the function of insulin metabolism of sugar.                                                                                     It’s 2-6 times richer than it’s nearest rival, raw beef liver!                         

B-12 is practically a synonym for high energy!

Fact nr 2 … of biochelated organic Iron for red blood cells to maintain your immune system.    It’s 58 times richer than raw spinach and 28 times than raw beef liver!
Fact nr 3 … of Vitamin E.    It’s 3 times richer than raw wheat germ, and its biological activity is 49% greater than that of synthetic vitamin E !
Fact nr 4 …  of Beta-Carotene (provitamin A) which nourishes eyesight and prevents Cancer.    20 times more Beta-carotene than raw carrots!  Unlike the preformed vitamin A of synthetics and fish liver oils, this beta-carotene is completely non-toxic,… even in mega doses.
Fact nr 5 …  of Antioxidants.  It contains a spectrum of practically every natural antioxidant known: the vitamins B-1, B-5, and B-6, the minerals Zinc, Manganese, and Copper, the amino acid methionine, the super antioxidants Beta-carotene, vitamin E and the trace element Selenium.
Fact nr 6 …  of GLA or Gamma Linolenic Acid for cholesterol, joints and skin.                         Its oils are 3 times richer than Evening Primrose oil!  The polyunsaturated oils in Spirulina contain 21-29% GLA.
Fact nr 7 … of Chlorophyll to nourish the hormonal imbalance for menopause and menstruation problems, to decrease inflammation and increase Liver functions.  It’s 5-30 times richer than Alfalfa or Wheat grass.
Fact nr 8 … of Complete High-Biological Value Protein. It is 63% complete protein, which are all easily digested and assimilated. Complete means that it contains all essential and non-essential amino acids! Most animal proteins are high in fat, calories and cholesterol. Spirulina has only 5%, mostly beneficial unsaturated fatty acids and practically no cholesterol !
Fact nr 9 Spirulina has so many proteins that it can even protect the Liver from drug and alcohol poisoning and prevent hangovers…
Fact nr 10  Spirulina is nature’s richest whole-food source of natural Zinc, which together with its other ingredients may enhance sexual capabilities

Zinc In Spirulina Algae is relatively high. Normally, in food there is less than half of your daily needs. Eating spirulina as a supplement completes the missing Zinc which is also an important accelerator of 140 enzymes in the body. Besides Anti-oxidant, it is breaks down fast-divided cells which need sufficient zinc.

In reproductive organs, sexual development (men use zinc more than women), red blood cells, liver, etc.

If lack of zinc, wounds and inflammation recover slowly.

In the post Covid aera, Zinc supplements are often recommended.

Athletes are recommended to eat spirulina seaweed for speedier recovery.
From the food of the future book, By Prof. Dr. Dr. Nopsomsak Worakamin


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✔ Control blood sugar levels
✔ Nourish the brain
✔ Reclamation Liver and kidney
✔ Boost immunity
✔ Add Red blood cells / platelets
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Great source of nutrients and protein

“Good Food to balance your health”

    FACT  Spirulina has been actively researched all over the world for:

– enhancing natural cleansing and detoxification,

– improving gastrointestinal and digestive health;

– strengthening the immune system;

– supporting cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol;

– reducing cancer risks with high antioxidant protection  and beneficial for patients suffering from Anemia, Diabetes, Hepatitis and other  Liver diseases, High Blood Pressure, Eye and Brain problems as well as immune related diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc. These health benefits make Spirulina an excellent food to facilitate a  rapid recovery of degenerative diseases and malnutrition related health problems.


Moisture 3.03%
Protein 68,80%
Carbohydrates 16.08%
Phycocyanin 0.92%
Carotenoids 0.35%
Beta Carotene 0.88%
Chlorophyll 1.20%
Minerals 8.74%