Seasons Greetings and Happy Solstice

While many embrace the frantic festivities, some of us shy away from the cynical consumerism.
For those who live on the land or are focused on the spiritual side of life, the Solstices offer us the message of the rhythm of Nature, giving us time of reflection and planning a more holistic approach for the following seasons. This year, it falls on Friday 22nd, which is today.
In the Northern Hemisphere, solstice is the day with the fewest minutes of sunlight and the official beginning of winter.
But, solstice is ALSO a day that celebrates the rebirth of the sun and the RETURN OF LIGHT which will always shine brightest in the darkness.
I don’t know about you, but I’d welcome any extra light these days!!
Solstice is also a portal moment.
It allows us to shine this fresh new light onto that which is deep and dark within us and awaken hidden seeds of potential that are ready to germinate and grow.
In the darkness is the beginning of your own rebirth.
In the darkness is the beginning of your beautiful blossoming.
It is time to celebrate the magic of the darkness and the reentry of beautiful light.
It’s time to get unstuck, to release what is no longer for you, and fully embrace what is and what can be!!!
Have a great Year-End and a fabulous New Year…
Sending you some Mandarin Orange blossom which are both calming and uplifting! (I took this picture in my favorite hammock.)
May be an image of devilwood and shadbush