Vets insisting on vaccines
If you still use vets, chances are you have been asked to vaccinate your dog or this vet won’t be able to help you.
This makes no real sense. Why would you vaccinate a sick dog? Doesn’t it make better sense to deal with the sickness first, then vaccinate when they are healthy?
It’s all about optimising your visit.
Many people don’t follow instructions of the vet, or doctor, to return.
But the drug companies, who the vets buy all their drugs from, want to make bigger profits. So they are training vets to use vaccines as a condition of treatment.
It’s got nothing to do with the health of your dog.
It’s got everything to do with profit and power.
If you read the vaccine insert, it will tell you, never to vaccinate a sick animal. The drug companies need to cover themselves.
But the vets probably don’t read the inserts.
So, the motto of this story is, if you ever find yourself in that situation, ask to read the insert there and then. You will probably need a magnifying glass as the print is usually so small as to be illegible.
If the vet gets angry at you, the best thing for you to do is to leave and search for a better one, one who thinks, one who appreciates your belief.
The chances of your dog getting better is greatly compounded by the addition of a vaccine at this time.
It’s always a question of ‘buyer beware’.
It doesn’t matter how unpopular that makes you.
Do some research yourself, rather than just following instructions. Make up your own mind based on that research as well as your gut feelings.
To your dog/s good health.
Madeleine Innocent
Naturally Healthy Dogs, Natural Dogs Health
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