WHY SHOULD YOU PAY CASH everywhere with banknotes instead of a card or transfer?
– If I have a $50 banknote in my pocket, go to a restaurant and pay for dinner with it, then the restaurant owner uses the same bill to pay for the laundry.
The laundry owner then uses the bill to pay the barber.
The barber then uses the bill for shopping and so on.
After an unlimited number of payments, it will still remain a $50 note! It has fulfilled its purpose for everyone who used it for payment. The bank ran dry from every cash payment made with this $50 note.
– But if I go to the same restaurant and pay digitally (by card), the bank fee for my payment transaction is 3%, around $1.50.
Then another $1.50 for the laundry owner and the barber and so on.
After 30 transactions, the initial $50 will only be $5.
The remaining $45 becomes the property of the bank…thanks to digital transactions and fees.
Bottom line – USE CASH!
Let’s keep our hard-earned money to ourselves instead of giving it to the banks.
And support local companies by paying your purchases in CASH.
Furthermore, remember what happened recently in Canada when the truckers blocked the roads?
The government blocked all mobile phones and ordered the banks to block the personal accounts of those truckers and their supporting organisations who could therefore NOT ACCESS their own money…
Are you sure that you want to give away your power like that?