Apart from Amporn, sister coordinator Kam KM Home, and one part-time tractor driver, there are three more senior full-time Thai workers at our Leaf Station in Hangdong.
Mae Som is a small but super strong Thai woman.
Her husband is a former stroke patients who received many free and natural treatments from us.
Now, he can work again.
Uncle Dee had an accident and was in a coma for two months.
All three are over 50 but still working, sweeping and composting leaves at our Leaf station in Hangdong.
If they sit at home, they are just waiting for money, waiting for grand children and watching TV…
But coming to work at our Leaf Station, they see old friends, meet new people, earn money, and many smiles.
Every time I ask uncle Dee, are you tired?
“Au But its so fun” is his answer that always makes me smile.
Uncle Dee sees this work like play…
We are also happy working together.
We transform Leaf problems into real income since we started this Leaf Station in Hangdong
How was the happiness at that time? I will tell you later.
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