Thailand, what a gem you are…
I know a hotel owner here in Thailand who, upon opening her hotel, prayed to have guests who were siblings in her past lives, so that everyone in her hotel would feel connected, like a family.
It is this type of spirituality that draws me here. It runs deep and is a daily part of people’s routines.
Homes and businesses contain altars and many temples are open for us to go in and roam around most of the time.
I hope this never feels so normal to me that I forget what life is without it.
The contrast is stark.
It is colorful here.
There is food – literally – everywhere.
People exhibit kindness, which is vastly different from friendliness.
They move from their hearts.
Oh, Thailand, what a gem you are.
And Chiangmai even more so!
Thailand, what a gem you are
Like the sun, you shine, my biggest star
In my heart wherever I may be
My return is filled with so much glee
And I give thanks and praise.
Thanks Tara for your inspiration…